The reason why we know of quite a few joint pain natural remedies is because, sooner or later in their lives, people have always suffered from pain in their muscle and joints, and from body aches in general.

Until many years all the medications that we have today didn't exist, so they had to rely on natural remedies for basically everything, and fortunately today we can take advantage of what they discovered in the past.

Joint Pain Joint pain is one of the symptoms of arthritis, which can be caused by various types of damage to the joints.

The pain may also be caused by an inflammation known as bursitis, which affects the soft cushions between the moving part of the joints that allow free movement of muscles and tendons over the bones.

Grandma's Joint Pain Natural Remedies

Today most grandmas are very technologically advanced so I am not sure they know all these natural remedies for joint pain, but my grandma certainly did know some of them at least.

I asked around, investigated, did a lot of research, asked my doctor (which is my neighbor) and gathered a list of remedies that are known to give relief to joint pain:

  • First, a warm bath is highly beneficial for joint pain
    Joint pain natural remedies

    Massaging the area is the the most instinctive of joint pain natural remedies and the one that can give some immediate relief

  • Massaging the affected area with any oil gives relief from joint pain
  • Drink a cup of tea with papaya seeds 6-7 times a day for two or three weeks
  • Take half teaspoon of turmeric powder with hot water or milk at least three times a day. It's also a good natural remedy for arthritis
  • Rub the joints with hot vinegar before going to bed
  • Among the fruits, bananas are considered the best joint pain natural remedies as they provide strength and lubricate joints
  • Carrot juice is also a good remedy, as well as apple cider vinegar
  • Two teaspoons of apple cider and two of honey dissolved in a small glass of warm water can give immediate relief
  • Alternate joints compression with hot and cold
  • Exercise increases bones strength and flexibility. Exercising in the water reduces joint pain
  • Enrich your diet with oils rich in Omega-3 acids and vitamins

Diet as Part of Joint Pain Natural Remedies

Often, joint inflammation is hiding behind some sort of food disorder or imbalance, but also behind a lack of vitamins and minerals, now much more common than you think (due to fast food, excess of products made with white flour, too much sugar and too much "bad" fat" etc.).

Which Foods to Choose

Cereals and cereal grains, fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables in abundance, soybeans and derivatives, white meat, seafood, eggs, vegetable oils, walnut and olive oil.

Fruits & vegetables

Fruits & vegetables as joint pain natural remedies are also recommended


And Which Ones to Avoid

Milk, yeast and wheat (often the pain is caused by intolerance to these foods), sugar and foods where it is present, canned foods and/or additives, meat and sausages, red meat.

Necessary Nutrients

Winning joint pain is possible by following a diet that brings a good amount of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids.

In particular, those foods need to provide vitamin E (useful to "regenerate" the joints) and vitamin B3 (which improves joint mobility, muscle strength and reduces tiredness and fatigue in those who suffer from joint pain).

Boron, Omega-3 and Manganese are three other nutrients that help reduce joint pain.

So, that being said, where do we find all these nutrients? What are the best foods?

  • Vitamin E: nuts, soy, avocado, vegetable oils, egg yolk, whole grains
  • Vitamin B3: fish, whole grains, soy and legumes in general, walnuts, tomatoes, avocado
  • Boron: nuts, soy, fruits and fresh vegetables (broccoli, carrots, turnips, zucchini, onions, etc..), whole grains, avocado
  • Omega 3: fish, flax seeds and the oil made from it, nuts, dried soy beans, avocado
  • Manganese: soy and legumes in general, brown rice, almonds, nuts, tea, avocado, seaweed

Jeez avocado is everywhere! What a great fruit, did you know that beside being one of the joint pain natural remedies is also a food that helps increase testosterone naturally?


Did you know any of these natural remedies for joint pain? Before I did my research I imagined that a warm bath could be very useful and that rubbing some stuff would probably help, but I didn't think there were so many things you could do to reduce joint pain.

Well, good to know. I hope I won't ever need to cure joint pain on my body, but sooner or later I'll have to face it's better to be prepared!

If you're still young though, try to prevent muscle and joint pain by stretching and warming up before your trainings, by allowing your body a week of rest (I call it recovery week, where I lift lighter weights) every couple of months, and also by performing your exercises in the correct form and with high concentration.

Good luck!


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