How to Increase Testosterone Naturally and Feel Younger Again!

The short answer is YES! You CAN increase testosterone naturally.

Ok, now what's the next question? Hey what is that face, you're not satisfied with my answer?

Alright no problem, I was going to work out but I'll take a few moments here to give you more know I don't want you to be angry at me 😉

If you feel tired all the time, maybe depressed or in a bad mood (are you irritable lately?), or you lost muscle mass and sex drive (libido) you may suffer The Symptoms of Low Testosterone.

Testosterone levels chart

A regular day, young man vs old man. Is it time to increase testosterone naturally?

Some time ago I had this problem, and it's not fun, believe me.

If you're reading this article because you are in the same situation you know what I mean.

Have you tested your testosterone levels? Are they pretty low?

Mine was, for a while, under the recommended range, Very bad in general, even more if you are trying to build or maintain muscle.

I DID Increase Testosterone Naturally!

When your levels are under the minimum recommended, you are eligible to start a Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

That's what my doctor proposed, but I really wanted to avoid that solution.

The biggest reason is that

If You Provide Testosterone from Outside

Your Body Will Stop Producing It

And I didn't want to be stuck having to get shots or whatever for the rest of my life. Plus, I care for my two friends down there.

Yeah, one of the side effects of hormone replacement is that it will shrink your testicles, in most cases.

Sometimes it is necessary to do the replacement, especially when the symptoms create more discomfort than the side effects.

That being said, I think you should always try to increase testosterone naturally as first option.

Assuming you don't have something that prevents your body from producing testosterone (mumbs in adulthood, varicocele etc.), here are some ways that can be very successful:

  • Short and high intensity workouts
  • Sprint running
  • Sleep more
  • Change diet (here is a good example of testosterone diet that helps you to increase levels)
  • Stop drinking
  • Have sex
  • Take Testosterone Boosters supplements

By following these tips I increased my testosterone back to normal values in a short time, and I want you to take advantage of this information.

There is very little knowledge about this topic around, even between doctors.

I told my doctor that I wanted to try the natural ways first, and when I went back after a couple of months with the new results he was impressed and said "Well, I have to say that I've learned something".

He initially suggested to exercise and sleep, I have to give him credit for that eheh. But I am showing you other ways that are recognized and actually worked for me.

I am sure there are so many people that could benefit from this, without having to get testosterone shots.

Exercise Hard

I started changing my workout routine to another one that is more "testosterone boost" oriented.

The key is to Lift Heavy Weights to Boost Testosterone. Your body produces the biggest amount of testosterone when it's put under high intensity situation.

Anything you do "explosive" will raise your testosterone. So do high intensity workouts and keep them short.

Lift heavy weights to increase testosterone naturally

Lift heavy weights to increase testosterone naturally

Sprint Running

Same thing if you are a runner, do sprints.

Resistance runners inevitably have lower testosterone levels than sprint runners. Just look at their bodies at the Olympics right?

Sprints require an explosion of power for a very short period which stimulates testosterone production.

Sleep More

It has been demonstrated by a test made on hundreds of people that just one week with lack of sleep (2 or 3 hours less than usual or necessary) can lower your testosterone levels of 20%!

Twenty percent, did you hear? That's huge!!

And actually, I had lack of sleep for quite a while after I changed job.

With my new job I had to get up 1 hour earlier, therefore I had to go to bed 1 hour before to be able to sleep the usual 7/8 hours.

The problem is that I couldn't fall asleep so early, I just wasn't used to, and I had a hard time, really. I bet this contributed to lower my testosterone for sure.

So sleep more, I'd say at least 7 hours, 8 hours ideally.

Testosterone is produced at night, the longer you sleep the more you produce. No kidding that men have more sex drive in the mornings!

If you have a bad life style (late nights, irregular sleeps) you will suffer of low T, trust me.


Your goal to increase testosterone naturally depends a lot in what you eat.

There are some foods that are proven to raise testosterone if you consume them regularly. The main rule is to stay away from processed food, prefer organic, eat healthy fats (yes, they are very important), eat foods rich of zinc!

Read Testosterone Diet - Foods That Increase Testosterone to find out what you should eat and what to avoid.

Quit Alcohol

No alcoholAlcohol has the horrible property to indirectly lower your testosterone by increasing estrogen levels in your body.

Estrogen is the big enemy of testosterone, it's a female hormone.

In fact if you have man boobs (gynecomastia) you're better check your estrogen and testosterone levels.

Increase testosterone naturally by quitting alcohol, the rest of your body will thank you!

Have Sex!

Probably the nicest way to increase testosterone naturally is to have more sex.

Have sex to increase testosterone

Have sex to increase testosterone naturally

Not only it's a pleasure, but the more sex you have the more testosterone your body produces.

Basically your body thinks "Hey, this guy is having sex all the time, I have to produce testosterone to keep up with him!".

If you don't have a partner...ehm well...I am sure you know what to do...!

Testosterone Boosters

As I explained in my Testosterone Boosters article, these supplements work if you are over 30, otherwise you will probably see zero effects.

Testosterone boosters are usually rich in zinc (anabolic mineral, see Testosterone Diet - Foods That Increase Testosterone to find our which foods contain zinc) and can help you to raise your levels back to normal.

If you already have good testosterone they won`t raise it more than that, unless they`re steroids.


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  1. Barbara
    Good information, thanks. Would these suggestions be helpful for women with low T and DHEA levels?