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Need Help Choosing the Best Treadmill for Home?

You're thinking about buying a treadmill for your home, but aren't too sure where to start. What is the best treadmill for home use available on the market? Do you really need all those features? There are a few features and specifications that you will need to consider when you purchase your new treadmill. Size…
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Best Treadmill Workout – Incline, Fast Pace, HIIT

I don’t know about you, but for me, a treadmill is a time machine. The treadmill somehow creates a vortex of time that allows 1 minute to turn into 1 hour. It’s some type of evil sorcery that I have spent years trying to counteract. So, what’s the best treadmill workout to pass the time?…
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Personal Review on Schwinn Elliptical Machine

[easyazon_link keywords="Elliptical machines" locale="US" tag="bm1010d-20"]Elliptical machines[/easyazon_link] are found in every gym out there. This is not strange at all. This "miracle" machine has a much better track record than the stair climber and the treadmill. The beginnings of the elliptical machines can be found in the cross-country skier's increased ability to burn the fat faster. That's…
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Some Simple Core Workouts for Women to Do at Home

A lot of my readers are female, and today I want to answer the question if core workouts for women are the same recommended for men. I think they mostly want to know about core workouts for women to do at home, because that's where most moms would like to train. Life if busy with…
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Home Workout – Where to Buy a Bench?

A workout bench is a must have if you're serious about home workout. But...where to buy a bench?

And how much does a bench cost?

First of all, before you decide to buy a bench, or to decide which one to buy, maybe you should read the article where I give some advice about [...]

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Ok You Want One. Now…Where to Buy a Bowflex?

Ok now it's time to find out where to buy a Bowflex.

You have reviewed different models and all the Bowflex exercises that you can do with this amazing home gym.

Now it's finally time to get one.

Yes but...where?

You must have noticed that fitness stores don't sell Bowflex. [...]

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Do You Have a Workout Bench for Home?

If you work out at home, a workout bench is something that you basically "have to have" after you buy free weights.

At the beginning you start with a couple of dumbbells, then you realize that you can't change weight and so you buy more weights (actually, take my advice and get  [...]

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Three Day Workout with Dumbbells

The three day workout routine is probably the most popular because it gives you a good balance between training and rest.You usually see people that train three times a week on monday-wednesday-friday gym days.

We already talked about the 3 day workout routine, but here I just want to give you an example of how to do the three day split using only dumbbells. [...]

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Resistance Band Chest Exercises

Can we do enough resistance band chest exercises to train all the areas of our chest at home like we do with free weights at the gym?I am going to say yes, and I am going to show you how to do with these great pieces of equipment.

As long as you have a place where you can anchor your resistance band you can train upper, lower and middle chest with these exercises:

  • Chest Press
  • Chest Fly
  • Incline Chest Press
  • Incline Chest Fly
  • Decline Chest Press
  • Decline Chest Fly
  • Resisted Push Ups

Resistance Band Chest Press Exercises
Once you anchor the resistance band somewhere (for example to a door) you are ready to start doing chest press. [...]

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