Home Shoulder Workout Ideas

Do you have some weights or resistance bands? Great, home shoulder workout shouldn't be a problem for you then.

If you don't, again, I always suggest to use bottles of water. Or milk jugs.

You can fill them with water or sand to make them heavier.

Front, lateral and bent over lateral raises are your options. Always remembering that by doing push ups you kinda train your anterior deltoids as well.

Home Shoulder Workouts - Front Raises

Front raises consist of raising a weight in front of you keeping your arms almost fully extended, and it works the frontal deltoids.

I am showing you this picture of front raises that doesn't use dumbbells on purpose: note that you can use anything, as long as you lift a weight.

Front Raises
Resistance Band Front Raises

The second picture shows you how to do front raises with resistance band. You don't have to raise both arms together, feel free to alternate one arm at the time if you prefer.

Lateral Raises

Same as front raises, lateral raises can be done with a couple of dumbbells and resistance bands.

Lateral Raises
Resistance Band Lateral Raises - home shoulder workout

Lateral raises work the lateral part of your shoulder, this is what gives you the look of "wide shoulders"...

Bent Over Lateral Raises

Bent over lateral raise exercises have the purpose of working a muscle that is quite small, and rarely used in everyday life: the rear deltoid.

At the gym you have an extra option at the pec deck machine, but as a home shoulder workout your best bet is one of the following:

  • Bent over dumbbell lateral raises
  • Bent over resistance band lateral raises
Bent Over Lateral Raises
Resistance Band Bent Over Lateral Raises

No matter from which angle you see it, you start with your arms almost extended in front of you and palms facing each other.

Then you open your arms keeping your elbows locked till you reach the T position.

If you sit on the floor and keep the resistance band under the plant of your feet you can simulate the pec deck machine. It's another option, some people don't feel comfortable in the bent over position.

Shoulder Press

There is a home shoulder workout option also for shoulder press, the exercise that works, at some degree, the three areas of your deltoids.

I am sure you're already thinking of dumbbells to do this exercise: hey...you're right!

But not only, resistance bands come handy as usual!

Shoulder Press
Resistance Band Shoulder Press

Resistance bands are fantastic for home training and offer many home shoulder workout exercises

You can do this exercises also from a seated position, chair or exercise ball it doesn't matter.

What matters is that you keep your back rigid and abs tight, and push up vertically without extending your arms fully.

Control the negative phase as it should be done slowly.


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