I want to talk a little bit about home leg workout ideas because I really don't think that the average Joe is going to train legs at home.

I am sure he's doing pus ups, sit ups etc. but I bet he's not doing legs at all.

There are a few leg exercises that we can do at home, and in some cases our body weight is already enough to train well.

Except for leg extensions and leg curls, the basic home leg workout can be summarized with:

  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Jumps

Body Weight Squat - Best Home Leg Workout

Fortunately the king of all exercises can be do at home no problem. For the correct form of execution I suggest to take a look at Free Barbell Squat for Legs Workout where I explain how to do it, tips and errors.

Body Weight Squat - home leg workout

Assuming here that you have learned the correct form, you can just start squatting in your home while you watch tv. If you need more weight put a backpack on your shoulders and it'll get harder.

My wife for example does squats with no extra weight. Some sets of 20 are enough for a couple of days, lol!

But it's not a joke, legs are different...

...legs need high reps exercises to be more effective. And after 20 body weight squats you already feel tired.

You can keep your arms straight in front of you like in the picture, or keep your arms behind your head like when you do ab crunches, it doesn't matter...

What matters is that you squat down at least to parallel and push on your heels. Back rigid and core tight all the time during this exercise.

If you want to do a REAL home leg workout do jump squat!

Squat down  - Leg Workout

Here you have to push on your legs so much harder to eventually lift your feet.

You'll feel such a burn! Especially when you squat down again because you need to put a lot of resistance on your quads to lower your body "softly" again...!

Finally, if you have a resistance band I suggest to use it to do squats and feel like if you were lifting a barbell.


In this case you step on the resistance band, hold the handles just above your shoulders and squat.

If you notice, the resistance band should always stretch vertically during the movement.

That's the correct movement.

Resistance Band Squat

Body Weight Lunges

I bet that reading about body weight squat you were thinking Right, I could do body weight lunges too!

Yes that's right, that's what we talk about here...

Body Weight Lunges

Keeping your hand on your hips, step forward and lower the back knee at least until your front knee makes a 90 degree angle (parallel). Keep your body straight up and rigid.

At the beginning you'll probably have some balance issues, but if you practice everything will become natural.

Squat and lunges are great exercises that work quads, glutes, hamstrings really well. If you persist you'll tone your legs and butt fast!


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