Don’t Know How to Train Pecs? Try These Home Chest Workout Ideas

I will try to give you some home chest workout that goes a little bit beyond the standard push ups that you all know.

Unfortunately there is not a big variety of chest exercises that you can do at home if you don't have extra equipment.

Of course if you have a bench that you can incline/decline plus some dumbbells you can basically do all the chest exercises that you can do at the gym, but here...let's try to find some alternatives, let's inspire to MacGyver!

Clever Ideas for Home Chest Workout!

If you are feeling stuck on pectoral workouts and the only thing you can thing of are push ups, keep reading and learn what else you can do...

Push Ups

Also kids know that push ups is a type of chest exercise that you do on the floor, and push your own body weight up.

Not everybody knows that you can do them with wider or closer hands to focus on certain areas of your chest.

Push Ups

Pus ups: #1 home chest workout. This is equivalent to bench press using your body weight

When you do push ups it's very important to keep your back rigid, imagine it like if it was a piece of wood. This requires you to keep your abs tight, but not only. Push ups is a great exercise that works:

  • Chest
  • Triceps
  • Anterior shoulders
  • Abs
  • Lower back

Keeping your back rigid is the key to make push ups an effective exercise for abs and lower back.

Standard Push Ups

Standard push ups is the most common home chest workout and consists of push ups where your hands are shoulder width apart.

This works your whole chest and it's basically like doing the bench press.

Close Hands Push Ups

One of the variations of push ups consists of keeping your hands closer, basically if you put them on the ground beside each other, your thumbs should almost touch.

This variation focuses the workout more on your triceps, but still works your chest and anterior deltoid like we learned in close grip bench press for triceps workout.

Wide Hands Pus Ups

If you keep your hands wide apart, few inches wider than you shoulders you work more the external part of your chest.

Can I "Add Weight" to My Push Ups?

You betcha.

If you want to make your home chest workout a little harder you can always put a backpack on your shoulders and load it with one, two...three heavy books or whatever you prefer.

Just have some imagination and you can find several solutions.

Chest Flyes

Let's assume you don't have a bench at home (which most people don't), and let's assume also that you don't have dumbbells.

Can you do chest flyes???

The answer is yes, here's how:

  • You have do do it on the floor
  • You can use bottles of water instead of dumbbells, of fill the bottles with sand, or rocks


One more idea, if you happen to have an exercise ball you can use it under your shoulders like if that was your bench.

Exercise Ball Chest Flyes

Home chest workout - flys

Just imagine using bottles rather than dumbbells


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