Hmmm...home arm workout...this can be challenging. Unless you have some free weights it's going to be tough.

Of course you can use a couple (or at least one) 2L. bottle ow water, and you can make it heavier by filling it with sand instead.

Although you can do some tricep exercises without equipment, when it comes to biceps it's a little bit of a struggle...

Home Arm Workout: Bicep and Tricep Exercises

Home Bicep Workout

If you have some dumbbells you can basically do all kinds of curls and concentration curls like described in Best Bicep Exercises to Build Muscle Fast.

Using bottles can work for a while to keep you toned or to work on endurance, but if you want to move up with weight it's not going to happen.

Remember: you need to do a pull movement (arm curl) in order to work your biceps

Doorway Chin Up Bar

I would suggest buying a chin up bar, those that you can mount on the doorway like this:

Doorway Chin Up Bar

Doorway Chin Up Bar

With something like that, which is also quite inexpensive, you can do pull ups and chin ups, that we know being awesome biceps workouts too.

Resistance Band Bicep Curls

Another solution could be provided by the popular resistance bands. If you have one in your home it gives you several home arm workout options, not only for biceps.

An idea could be this: step on the rubber band (in the middle) and hold the two handles. Make sure there is tension on the bands. To increase the tension keep your feet a little bit more wide apart:

Rubber Band Home Bicep Workout

Elastic Band Bicep Curls

Home Tricep Workout

Tricep workout at home has definitely more options than bicep workout at least for the fact that there are more "push exercises" that you can do compared to "pull exercises".

Remember: you need to do a push movement (arm extension) in order to work your triceps

So ok, let's see what we can do to train our triceps at home...

Close Hands Push Ups

Close hands push ups is my favorite tricep exercise because it's also a compound movement that works:

  • Triceps
  • Chest
  • Anterior deltoids
  • Abs

As described in Home Chest Workout you need to keep your hands close on the ground, with your thumbs touching. Keep your abs tight and your back rigid. You're ready to go!

Home arm workout - Close grip push ups

Home arm workout: close grip push ups for triceps

Tricep Dips

Do you remember when I described the classic tricep dips at the dip stand? There is a way to do it also at home.

You can use a chair for example, or two chairs if you want to have one for the grip and one to rest your feet on.

But basically the movement is the same:

  • Lower your body till your elbows make a 90 degree angle
  • Push up keeping your elbows close
  • Feel the contraction of your triceps and then repeat
Home Tricep Dips

Tricep Extension

Tricep extensions can be easily done at home too. If you don't have free weights you already learned that you can use anything (bottle of water, bottle of sand). Your two options are:

  • Overhead tricep extension (standing, seated)
  • Bent over tricep extensions

Overhead Tricep Extensions

Bent Over Tricep Extensions

Resistance Band Tricep Extension

Tricep extensions can be done with resistance bands too.

You can do double arm extensions and in this case you can kneel and wrap the resistance band around your ankles and do arm extensions behind your head.

Or you can do the classic single arm extension and step on the rubber band like in the picture on the right.

Home Resistance Band Tricep Extension

Home Resistance Band Tricep Extension

As you can see, at the beginning it was tough to think about some interesting home arm workout, but sometimes we just need to have some imagination.

A couple of items like chin up bar and resistance bands can become very useful for home arm workout, and the good news is...they're cheap!


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