High Protein Diet Menu

High protein diet menu is a diet plan that is based mainly on the consumption of protein. Often people who follow this type of diet also consume protein shakes and other beverages, especially bodybuilders and people that work out to build muscle mass in general.

There are several diets that can help you lose extra pounds and achieve your ideal weight, one of these is the protein diet.High Protein Diet Menu

The main goal of a protein diet aims to reduce calorie intake while preventing the relaxation of muscle tone. Those who follow a protein diet usually drinks plenty of water, and often also take supplements that contain vitamins.

High Protein Diet Menu Example

The following is a sample menu for those who want to follow a protein diet.

Each day we're going to have three meals and a snack, but you don't have to starve so...if you're still hungry in the middle of the afternoon or after dinner, remember that in a high protein diet menu you can always have healthy snack such as nuts, almonds and stuff like that.

They don't make you fat, are rich in protein and healthy fats that help your body produce more testosterone naturally.

Higher levels of testosterone mean reduced fat (especially belly fat) and increased lean muscle mass.

Maybe it's the case to read about the symptoms of low testosterone and how to increase testosterone naturally.


Breakfast: a purifying herbal tea, coffee or tea with three cookies (tea biscuits).

Snack: grapefruit juice or orange juice (200 ml).

Lunch: a slice of roast veal, served with tomato or boiled cabbage.

Dinner: rabbit and steamed green beans.


Breakfast: herbal tea, tea or coffee with 3 biscuits.

Snack: apricot juice without sugar.

Lunch: grilled swordfish cooked and steamed beets.

Dinner: 2 eggs and zucchini omelet with a side of boiled broccoli.



Breakfast: herbal tea, tea or coffee with 3 biscuits.

Snack: orange juice or grapefruit (200 ml).

Lunch: turkey breast with carrots, leek and celery, or with boiled zucchini

Dinner: fresh mixed cheese (150-200 grams) accompanied by salad.



Breakfast: herbal tea, coffee or tea with 3 cookies.

Snack: juice, grapefruit juice or orange (200 ml).

Lunch: beef liver with onions and steamed beet.

Dinner: turkey skewers, grilled eggplant with tomato and oregano.



Breakfast: herbal tea, tea or coffee, 3 biscuits.

Snack: fresh pineapple juice.

Lunch: baked sole with chicory salad.

Dinner: natural tuna or salmon and mixed vegetables (fennel, celery, carrots).



Breakfast: herbal tea, tea or coffee, 3 biscuits

Snack: orange juice or grapefruit (200 ml).

Lunch: grilled chicken with boiled spinach.

Dinner: lean boiled sausages, steamed zucchini and leeks topped with onions and red pepper.



Breakfast: herbal tea, toast (100 g), two teaspoons of jam.

Snack : grapefruit juice (200 ml).

Lunch: 100 grams of rice and peas or 100 grams of pasta with 80g of artichoke hearts, or 200 grams of mixed grilled vegetables.

Dinner: 200 grams of baked mushrooms and 200 grams of vegetables.

High Protein Diet


In a high protein diet menu it is important to drink at least two liters of water a day, reduce the use of salt for seasoning, use cane sugar and use two tablespoons per day of extra virgin olive oil for seasoning (does this remind you if the Mediterranean diet?).

The high protein diet menu is recommended for limited periods of time because the low daily carbs intake can bring some lack of energy and concentration.

If you have ever tried a high protein diet would you like to share it? And don't forget to let us know what your thoughts are about it!


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