Simple Ways to Hide Gynecomastia

I want to talk about some ways to hide gynecomastia because man boobs can really be a big problem for someone. It makes you feel embarrassed, it increases the lack of confidence, self-esteem is very low, and so on. Not mention when it comes to try to talk to girls in a club, for example.

Hide gynecomastia

When nothing else helps, or while working on it, you can always hide gynecomastia with some little trick...

It feels like everyone is there to look at your chest, even though no one does, and you end up giving up, right? But fortunately there are some tricks you can implement to hide man boobs.

The problem will not be solved just by hiding it, but you can stop worrying while you search for a definitive treatment. If you want to get rid of gynecomastia, read on, you may be interested.

Hide Gynecomastia with Man Boobs Bra or Tanktops

Wear a bra. I know what you're thinking: "you must be joking..."

Obviously we are not talking about lingerie. There are some bras used by athletes that can compress the breast to hide it and make it stay still.

There is only one thing worse than man boobs: man boobs than bounce...

These bras do a great job of compression, on the sly. You can find gynecomastia underworks at any sports shop or here on Amazon. These bras or tank top are usually simple and you don't have to worry about others being able to see the under your shirt.

Elastic Bandages for Compression

Elastic bandages are another way to hide gynecomastia by squeezing your breast. The advantage of this method is that it raises and compresses the breast so that in some cases (depending on the shape and the degree of your gynecomastia) it looks like you have a muscular chest.

Compression elastic bandages are often used by people after liposuction or other surgical treatments. They are designed to reduce the swelling and recover faster during postoperative period.

They are available for many parts of the body. The highest degree of compression (which might be too much in your case) usually needs a prescription. These items are specifically made to reduce the loose belly skin. They are very effective and do not loosen like all the normal tight shirts, which eventually no longer work.

...Or Wear Large Shirts

Another simple way to hide gynecomastia is something that you must know already: it is to wear very large shirts or sweaters. T-shirts two sizes larger than your actual size should work.

If this is combined with another shirt slightly smaller or even an elastic bandage, the result is very effective. The reason why I suggest to wear a couple of shirts is that sometimes, if it's hot, sweat can be seen under your breasts which makes your man boobs more visible, and you don't want that to happen.

Also remember that wearing dark clothing (preferably blacks) or vertical stripes actually makes you look more slim.


This won't do miracles, but every good trick is to hide man boobs is worth a try.


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