How to Get Stronger Forearms

stronger-forearmsStronger forearms are the key to getting bigger gains and lifting heavy weights. If you experience problems with your grip strength, wrists, or have smaller wrists and forearms, you really need to focus some time and attention on building your forearm strength.

How To Build Stronger Forearms

There are a several things that you can do to make sure that you have strong forearms. This article will take you through some of the lesser-known exercises that you can do almost anywhere, and that will help you build forearm strength and flexibility.

Building forearm strength and flexibility is going to allow you to keep progressing in the gym where other people have plateaued. Let's take a look at some of these methods.


The nice thing about using rubber bands to build forearm strength is that you can take them anywhere and do the exercises throughout the day. To do these exercises, you need a very sturdy rubber band.

The thicker, the better.

You want to wrap the rubber band around all five of your fingers. Your fingers will be pointed together in a cone shape. The tighter the rubber band is on your fingers, the more workout you will get.

Once the rubber band is wrapped around your fingers, you will begin by slowly opening your fingers as wide as possible.

Once you've reached the maximum width that you can open your fingers, you do not want to close them rapidly. Slowly close your fingers resisting the urge to let the rubber band do the work for you.

Repeating this motion for ten reps several times throughout the day will help you build your forearms strength.

Take It Old School

Before the invention of all of these crazy grip trainers, rubber balls, and specialized athletic equipment, strongmen did wacko things to train their grip. One of the most difficult things they did to get stronger forearms was a door grip.stronger-forearms-door-grip

Gripping the door and doing the squat may look easy. Just give it a try.

This simple exercise can be done anywhere. The nice thing about this is you don't need the gym or any special equipment. The same is true of all the old-school strongman techniques for building grip strength.

Here is a list of some of the other strongman techniques used to build stronger forearms:

  • Opening and closing jars (really, really tight)
  • Rolling up a newspaper and ripping it apart
  • Breaking a matchstick with your fingers
  • Pick up a chair by one leg
  • Push ups on finger tips
  • Tearing a telephone book (if you can find one)
  • Curling weight plates
  • Holding out weight plates with a straight arm

Old school strong men didn't need all of the fancy things that a lot of people use to get their grip strength up. They took a look around themselves and asked

What can I use here to get stronger forearms?

At The Gym

Granted, not everyone wants to work on their forearm strength outside of the gym. And strongman techniques may be good party tricks but not the best thing for you.

If you prefer to work on getting stronger forearms at the gym, there are a ton of exercises that you can do that are focused solely on forearms and grip strength.

  • Wrist extension curls
  • Wrist flexion curls
  • Biceps Ladder
  • Farmers Cary
  • Pull-ups with a towel
  • Kettlebell Press (Hold kettlebell by base)

One of the things that can help you while working on your grip strength is getting a bar spreader. This is a rubber handle grip that goes over the dumbbell that you're working with to increase the girth.

This forces your hand to work harder at gripping the dumbbell and ultimately increases your forearm strength and grip strength without increasing the amount of weight your lifting.

Don't Forget The Stretch


Stretcstronger-forearms-stretchhing is probably one of the most underutilized aspects of building stronger forearms.

Make sure that no matter which technique you are using to work on your grip strength and forearms, you are spending a good amount of time stretching at the end.

Stronger forearms will help you progress in ways that you never knew possible. Just make sure that you balance any work you do with some stretching at the end.


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