Many fellows out there are probably wondering "How do I get six pack abs?", which I figured is one of the most common questions I receive.

The quickest way to get 6 pack abs is to follow an appropriate life style and do things like:

  • Start a weight training program, and do Compound Exercises
  • Cut down your calories (but not too much otherwise you don't have enough energy to build muscle)
  • Eat leaner (lean meats, whole grains etc.)
  • Do some cardio (again, too much cardio will burn fat and muscle as well)
  • Do some crunches

Most people think that all they have to do is the last one. Nothing more wrong than that.

The truth about abs is that YOU can get a six pack abs without doing any crunches even though it might be hard to believe.

Compound exercises will help you build muscle fast and one one the benefits is that also your ab muscles will grow too.

At that point you just have to remove the body fat on your belly that is covering your abs.

I bet we could all have a six pack. We don't have just because it's covered.

Get Six Pack Abs Out and Visible


That reminds of me of a famous sculptor that said:

The perfect statue is already there, you just have to remove what is covering it

Get Six Pack ABs

and our body is the same.

Really, if you start a weight training program and do compound exercises you don't need to do any additional boring crunches.

Cutting down calories is the first step to lose weight, and I mean fat (weight could mean muscle too and we don't want that).

Eating leaner is another great factor that helps you to show your abs. Less fat storage is our goal right?

Once you follow these tips you don't actually need to go out there and do hours of cardio a week. I say it again to make sure it's clear:

Too much cardio makes you burn fat but it burns muscle too

Do some jogging, do 15-20 minutes of running AFTER your workout (keep your energy for the workout, and burn the extra fat AFTER) and with this final step I am sure that also YOU can start to show a six pack!


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