BANNED! 10 Foods That Lower Testosterone and Sex Drive

There are many foods that lower testosterone and knowing which ones they are can help you avoid them and increase testosterone, naturally.

Do you feel that your sex life is not as you would like it to be?

You are not the only one. Today's generation has to face many enemies of sex:

  • internet
  • tv
  • video games
  • food
why avoid foods that lower testosterone

These are good reasons to avoid foods that lower testosterone

With the abundance of sugar and carbohydrates in our daily diet, we're not just threatening our health.

Stay Away From These Foods That Lower Testosterone

Eating these types of foods raises the level of glucose in the blood, leading to fatigue, tiredness and a lower sexual desire. The portal Elite Daily has compiled a list of 10 foods that lower testosterone, to avoid for a better sex life.

1. Soda

I don't think you are surprised to read that soda is bad. In North America we consume too much soda. People drink soda all the time...during a movie with popcorns, at the restaurant, at home.


Soda contains lots of sugars and provides high amount of calories. For example there are 139 calories in a regular (330 ml) can of Coca Cola.

Try to think of how much soda people drink every day... Oh yeah, many drink diet soda for that reason, but do you know that diet soda is even worse?

Maybe you can get a caffeine boost at the beginning, but later you feel totally unmotivated when the effect is gone.

Studies showed that diet soda causes weight gain and contributes to coronary heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes.

2. Fast (Junk) Foods

There are different types of fast foods, but only two appear to be at the top of the list of foods to avoid: burgers and hotdogs.

Most times they are composed of low grade meat, processed, with high chemical content, which is the reason why they are in the category of foods that lower testosterone.

The only burgers is eat are those where they make the pad right there from the ground beef (Five Guys is an example).

Stay away from processed hamburgers and hot dogs, your testosterone level will benefit from that, and so will your sex life!


3. French Fries

What usually goes with burgers and hotdogs? Another best seller among the foods that lower testosterone...french fries. Those french fries that we can stay away from, when we order burgers.

In fact, they're addicting. Do you ever feel that you crave them?

Unfortunately they contain lots of trans fats that kill sex drive. Not only, it's been proven that trans fats affect sperm quality, which is very bad for fertility.

Prefer sweet potatoes fries. Despite the name (sounds like they should be worse because of the word sweet) they're much healthier. One of their properties is the breakdown of carbs, with the benefit of supporting healthy blood sugar levels.

French Fries

4. Alcohol

I've explained this in the Increase Testosterone Naturally article. Quit drinking alcohol if you want to do yourself and your partner a big favor.

Even more, avoid mixed drinks, those sugary ones that are often preferred because they have a better taste (plain alcohol sucks!).

They lead to weight gain, especially around your waist, which totally kill libido.

Read more information on how to lose belly fat


5. Ice Cream

Another favorite, ice cream. Basically everybody likes ice cream, but unfortunately it's loaded with sugars and sweeteners, which is bad for you.

Migraine and fatigue are some of the consequences that ice cream brings when eaten in high amounts.

Yogurt and frozen yogurt are a better choice.

Ice Cream

6. Pasta

First of all, past is not bad for you. But it may become bad depending on the doses that you eat.

Pasta is rich in carbs and it's very easy to eat lots of it. Our body converts excess carbs into glucose, which is then stored as fat unless you're physically active and exercise.


7. Snacks

Snack are also part of the foods that lower testosterone, but they're usually rich in sugar, and in fact they almost instantly raise your blood sugar levels. No need to mention that after a while you're soon hungrier than before.

Try healthy snacks instead, like raw nuts, dark chocolate (my favorite) and raw vegetables.

The good news is that studies showed that nuts and chocolate can boost libido, like natural aphrodisiacs.

Nuts are also rich in fatty acids (healthy fats that we need to boost testosterone).


8. Breakfast Biscuits & Cookies

I didn't expect this to be in the list of foods that lower testosterone...

Generally speaking, they are greasy, rich in trans fats. Apparently they are known processed foods (I have really never thought of it), and like all processed foods they affect the hormones.

Good news is that we have plenty of choice for breakfast...cereals, toast with butter and jam, eggs etc.

Breakfast Biscuits & Cookies

9. Nachos & Chicken Wings

Jeez, you must feel like I want to take all your favorite foods away from you. I am not even sure whether you made it this far down the page or you already quit!

Nachos are loaded with carbs and nacho cheese is close to plastic actually.

Wings are not better, fried, greasy... Prefer grilled wings!

Nachos & Chicken Wings

10. Low Fat Diet and Sugar

Nobody likes low fat diets. Their purpose is to lower the fat amount that we take in, but actually the problem is not the fat.

We need fat in our diet (if it's healthy fat) to produce more testosterone and increase sex drive.

What is bad is sugar, that's what we should really avoid.

Other studies showed that low fat diets contribute to decrease testosterone levels, and that men with healthier blood sugar levels enjoy better sex.

That's why sugar has to be mentioned in the list of foods that lower testosterone!

I'd say, together with low fat diet, because not only those that eat lower amounts of fat are not at peak in the bedroom...they also have higher risk of heart disease.

Low Fat Diet and Sugar

As I said, please eat healthy fats like nuts, fish (fish oil is good) and avoid these 10 foods that lower testosterone, and you will see big improvements in your libido, mood and waist!


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    Ain't nothing wrong with pasta as long as it is wholemeal. Higher in protein and fibre, low GI. Cheers