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Dumbbell Flyes for Chest Workout

Dumbbell flyes, whether executed on a flat bench or on stability ball is a chest exercise that works the whole pectoral muscle, with particular focus on the external part.

The anterior deltoids are also used as secondary muscle, but that's not enough to consider this a compound exercise because it involves only one joint (shoulder), as you have to keep your elbows locked. [...]

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Dumbbell Lateral Raises for Shoulder Workout

Don't get fooled by the secondary muscles that take part in dumbbell lateral raises, it is still an isolation exercise for shoulders.Shoulder muscles can be divided into three areas (anterior, lateral, posterior) and this exercise is the one I prefer for lateral deltoid. [...]

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Dumbbell Side Bends for Oblique Abs

An effective way of training your oblique abs is doing dumbbell side bends regularly.The correct form of this exercise is the following:

  • Stand with feet shoulder width apart
  • Hold a dumbbell in each hand, keep your arms straight on your sides, palms facing your hips
  • Bend to the left as much as you can, till you feel the burn (your body will tell you when to stop)
  • Slide the dumbbells along your legs
  • Don't bend your body forward or backward
  • Return to the straight position (this movement works your obliques)
  • Repeat on the right side


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Standing Barbell Curls for Bicep Workout

Standing barbell curls is an isolation exercise for bicep workout that has the purpose of developing strength and mass of the entire bicep.In fact, the brachialis is involved as well as the frontal. [...]

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