Eat to Build Muscle – What is Your Calorie Intake?

Don't forget that you have to eat to build muscle. I realized that many people are too much focused on bodubuilding supplements when they try to gain weight and forget that they need to eat more.

I like to eat, I love good food like everyone, I believe. So eating is not hard for me. What is hard is to eat enough (which means also a lot) and the right things.

Eat to build muscle

My body type is the body type that tends to be skinny, when I was a child I've always been very skinny.

Also I didn't have that great appetite that other friends of mine had. That resulted with me being almost underweight for many years.

Even when I started working out regularly I didn't see big differences. I worked out hard, but I still looked the same.

One day I "discovered" that...well let's say that I accepted the fact that I needed to eat to build muscle and honestly eating more is the most important of all the muscle building tips around, and unfortunately is often ignored.

Years after I can finally give you some advice that might help YOU like it helped me.

You Need to Eat to Build Muscle - Eat More

Easy to say, hard to do.

I've always been told that I was so lucky because I didn't put weight on. Yeah, unfortunately that wasn't exactly what I always wanted.

But I can tell you that if you force yourself to eat more, you will have more appetite generally speaking.

Somewhere else I said that your stomach is an elastic organ, if you get used to stuff more food in it, it will grow in size.

The next time, if you eat the same amount of food that you used to eat it won't be enough to fill your stomach, therefore you will feel that you need more food to feel full.

That worked for me, I am sure it works for everybody.

Of course don't force yourself to eat until you throw up. But when you feel full, take one more bite, do it also the next time and so on.

Eat Between Meals

A great way to increase your calorie intake is to eat between meals. This is very important to provide your body the energy and the proteins that it needs to recover and build muscle.

It's a very effective way. Eat to build muscle is the basic rule that you can't ignore and adding calories between meals will provide you extra energy that can be converted into muscles.

Turkey sandwich

Turkey sandwich: it's perfect between meals to add calories and lean protein


You can do this by eating a sandwich or whatever you want (but not junk food).

I prefer to drink a weight gainer shake, or one of those calorie drinks that you find in any food store.

If you workout and don't see results in terms of increase of weight, try adding 250 calories to your diet.

Basically, you must "eat" more calories than you burn in a day. Once you find your balance, add some calories and get ready for amazing results!

I will discuss other muscle building tips, but if you start following this one you will have immediate results because you'll start to put weight on right away.


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