Does Height Matter When You Try to Build Muscle?

One thing that many people wonder is: does height matter when you are trying to build muscle?

The answer is YES, but maybe not how you would expect.

Typical scenario: two friends, a tall person and a short person, both skinny, start working out, doing the same exercises.

After 6 months training and following the same type of nutrition I promise you that one will have better results than the other.

Typically people think that the tall person is more genetically predisposed to muscle gains...but it's the opposite.

A short person can gain more muscle than a tall person

Yes Sir....short people can gain more muscle, more quickly than tall people.

Why Does Height Matter in Muscle Building?

Try to think about it, a tall person is likely to have longer arms, longer legs than a short person.

Imagine a 6'4" and a 5'4" doing bench press: the guy with longer arms has to push much more than the guy with shorter arms before their arms are fully extended.

Imagine pull ups: same thing, if I have long arms I have to pull a lot more than if I had short arms.

The answer is in the range of motion that you have to do

A tall person has to do a wide range of motion to complete and exercise, while a short person is in this case advantaged.

But hey, that doesn't mean that you can build muscle only if you're short, absolutely. There are many tall people that built great muscle...

and... hurts to say it (because I am not in the "tall guys" category) but they look leaner than short bodybuilders.

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