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What is Cholesterol?

"Cholesterol is bad", "Keep your cholesterol low"...we all heard this right? But what is cholesterol? Why is it bad? And especially, is it always bad?

Cholesterol is a blood fat that is produced mostly by our body and in small part by the foods that we eat, and is responsible for several important functions in the body. [...]

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Low Cholesterol Diet

With low cholesterol diet we mean all the foods that are recommended when your cholesterol levels are high, and those to avoid.This a very common type of diet because high cholesterol affects more people that we imagine.

Hopefully not, but if you take a blood test you may find out that your cholesterol levels are higher than you expect ( [...]

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LDL Cholesterol: The Bad One

LDL cholesterol is what we commonly call bad-cholesterol, or more simply just cholesterol.When someone says "I need to lower my cholesterol levels" it's implied that they have to lower the LDL type.

Cholesterol is component of our body, essential to produce several important hormones and for the formation of cell membranes, especially nerve cells. [...]

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How to Increase Good Cholesterol (HDL Cholesterol)

Alright, it's time to learn how to increase good cholesterol (officially called HDL cholesterol), with the purpose of decreasing the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack and stroke.

If you have browsed this site and read about cholesterol (or if you have even just a bit of knowledge), you know that cholesterol can be divided into two types:

  • LDL or bad cholesterol
  • HDL or good cholesterol


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Good Cholesterol Foods

In this article we will learn how to increase HDL cholesterol with good cholesterol foods.As we all know, at the base of cardiovascular diseases and congenital disorders, there is the formation of plaques in the blood, called atherosclerotic plaques indeed, due to the accumulation of saturated fat and cholesterol. [...]

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How to Lower Cholesterol Naturally

After all the bad things we hear about it, it's time to learn how to lower cholesterol. And it is especially important to know that we can do it naturally.

There are two ways that cholesterol is produced:

  • Naturally by our body
  • Because of diet

There is very little we can do to fix the first cause, but there is lots that we can do to lower cholesterol levels through diet, exercise and lifestyle. [...]

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