Diet Types for Different Goals

I want to give an overview of different diet types because too often there is a bit of confusion when we talk about diets, as too many people think that diets are only meant to help you lose weight.

Diet Types

Weight Gain Diet

That is not always the case, indeed.

Some people are so-called hardgainers and they wish they could put on extra pounds around the bones.

Those people, that no matter what find it difficult to gain weight, need a different type of diet, that is supposed to help you gain weight instead.

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Mass Building Diet

A growing number of people decide to join the gym with the desire to increase their body muscle mass, try to maintain a healthy weight and reduce the presence of localized fat. Fat concentrated only in certain areas, commonly belly for men, hips and thighs for women.

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High Protein Diet

There are different diet types available for people that desire to get rid of fat, especially when it accumulates in specific area of our body.

One of these is the high protein diet, have you ever heard of it?

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High Protein Diet

Fast Metabolism Diet

Fast metabolism diet is also known as metabolic diet, and it is particularly indicated for those who need to accelerate their metabolism, which is the process activated by the digestive system to be able to transform the food that we eat into energy.

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Energy Diet

The energy diet is made for those that have an intense lifestyle or practice daily sport activities.

It is meant to combine weight loss and energy so that there is balance between the two.

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Atkins Diet

In this list of diet types we can't really ignore the Atkins diet, a quite new type of diet that is becoming more and more popular because some Hollywood actors started to use it.

The main purpose of this diet is to lose weight in a particular way: by meeting the daily energy demands through healthy fats and proteins, keep the carbohydrates intake very low.

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Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean Diet

This is of course my favorite because I am from Italy. I grew up on Mediterranean diet and let me tell you, now that I've been living in Canada since 2008, I miss it a lot.

The Mediterranean diet is very healthy, it's free from processed junk food, sugary sodas and greasy food in general.

In a typical Mediterranean diet you eat plenty of fruit, vegetables (dressed with extra-virgin olive oil), whole grain pasta and breads, and fibers.

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Detox Diet

As you can realize this diet has the purpose of detoxifying our body, that's why it is also called cleansing diet.

People on this diet report increased energy levels, digestion and concentration. It seems to be working well to eliminate bloating too.

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Fertility Diet

This is a type of diet that I learned recently when my wife and I were trying to have a baby.

It wasn't working at the beginning, also because it was a time where I had low testosterone levels, which affect the sperm count and motility.

Well, after talking to my doctor I discovered that there are foods that increase testosterone levels and foods that lower it.

The fertility diet is made for those women that have difficulties getting pregnant, but also for their partner, because many times it's the man that can't get the woman pregnant.

It includes mainly those foods that help and affect fertility, such as fish, olive oil garlic, zinc, etc.

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Other Diet Types

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