Once again, reading and hearing creatine reviews was the first step that introduced me to one of the best bodybuilding supplements I know of.

I have really waited several years before I convinced myself to give it a try.

CreatineSome friends back in high school were already taking creatine monohydrate supplements to improve their workouts and especially to..get big fast.

When I hear "get big fast" I usually turn the other way and ignore what comes after, because I just don't trust it.

There's no "legal" way to get big fast...so when they told me that "with creatine you can get big fast" I kinda convinced myself that we were talking about some steroids type of thing.

And what convinced me that I was right was the fact that I saw those friends get bigger, and fast, by using this product.

Read Creatine Reviews to Get an Idea

A bit of research, and going through creatine reviews helped me change my mind.

Not only I discovered that creatine is not bad for your body, I realized that it is one of the safest supplements.

Read some of the creatine reviews here, and see by yourself what people say.

Before I was "afraid" to take it because I heard that it was bad for your kidneys, but it's a legend.

Of course you still have to drink plenty of water if you are taking creatine, but that's to enhance its effects.

Creatine creates water retention in our body, so the more you drink the more water it can hold in the muscles, resulting in muscle growth.

This would look like creatine just holds water in the muscles and that's why you get bigger, which sounds like "fake muscles".

But the truth is that even just during the first week on creatine you feel more energy and you notice that you are able to lift heavier weights.

Creatine Reviews

Me with Creatine for my creatine reviews

When you lift heavier weights you build bigger muscles, so here is where creatine brings big benefits.

Water retention is just one more benefit to volumize the muscles.

Our body needs creatine, we should get the correct amount from foods, but that can rarely be accomplished, so we need to supplement.

How Much Creatine Should I Take?

I take 5 grams a day in the morning with my breakfast, and then I drink around 8 cups of water (plus other liquids like milk, orange juice etc.).

I never do the "load" (20 grams a day for the first few days) like someone recommends.

Our body can take only small amounts per day, and the rest is eliminated through urine. If you take more than 5 grams, the rest is just wasted.

It's also important to cycle. I take creatine for 5 weeks and then I am off for a month so that my body doesn't get used to it and it's always effective when I start again.

Creatine reviews helped me understand many aspects of this great supplement, and I am glad I tried it.

Now I use it regularly (on and off cycles).

I really notice changes when I am on creatine:

  • More definition
  • Increased mass
  • Increased energy

And another good thing is that it forces me to drink more, and this has always been a limit for me as I don't naturally tend to drink enough, even though drinking plenty of water is essential when you try to build muscle and go to the gym.

Give creatine a try, you won't be disappointed!


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