Concentration Curls for Bicep Workout

Among all the bicep isolation exercises, concentration curls is the one the focuses just on the biceps more than any other bicep workout out there.

This is an exercise that you do one arm at the time, it can't be done with both arms together.

Concentration Curls Details




TYPE: Isolation


Forearms are still involved, at least because you have to hold the grip somehow.

Concentration Curls


INITIAL POSITION: Seated on a flat bench, grab a dumbbell and extend you arm down, You must bend over because your elbow is supposed to be slightly touching the inside of your thigh. You can keep you other hand on the other knee to balance you.

MOVEMENT: Curl raising your hand towards your shoulder. Then slowly return to the initial position. Continue and then repeat with other arm.

BREATHING: Exhale during the active phase of the exercise (when you raise the weight) and inhale during the negative phase.

TIPS and ERRORS: Try to keep your back as straight as possible.

Concentration curls is very effective and has the purpose of peaking your biceps, especially the outside part.

You will notice that you can't perform a big range of motion during these curls, and since this is just meant for the height of the muscle, use as much weight as you can to get the best results.

It's called "Concentration" because it's a very strict movement exercise and you should really concentrate on your biceps contraction and on performing the movement correctly. This is a very important aspect that needs your attention.

Especially lower the weight very slowly to take advantage of the negative phase.


Also for concentration dumbbell curls there are some variations that you can try sometimes in your routine, just to change and not to do always the same concentration exercise:

For the first one, from a standing position bend over and take a dumbbell. Then lift the weight towards the shoulder.

For the second one instead the procedure is the same as described above, but you just use a handle attached to the cable and curl.

This picture describes the standing concentration curls with cable, but you can take a bench with you and perform the exercise in a sitting position too.


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