Chin Ups: Back Muscles and Bicep Workout

Wanna do some great back AND bicep exercise? The chin ups is your best bet.

It's a very hard exercise, difficult to do even using just your body weight.

In fact most people need to workout at the lat machine for two or three months before they can execute chinups.

This exercise is so powerful for your biceps that can replace any bicep workout in your routine. It's a back exercise and barbell bicep curls in one unique workout.

Chin Ups Details


SECONDARY MUSCLES: Biceps, Shoulders

EQUIPMENT: Chin Up Bar, Weight Belt (optional)

TYPE: Compound


Your back is composed of big muscles, it's important to clarify that chinups work out your lats primarily.

Chin ups

Chin ups is a very effective compound exercise, but very hard. Either you love it or you hate it


INITIAL POSITION: Grab the chinup bar with underhand (palms face in) shoulder width grip and extend your arms (your lats are fully extended). Every dips stand should have foot stands to help you reach the bar. If you use a chinup bar on the wall just use a stool or something to reach the bar.

MOVEMENT: Look towards the ceiling and pull up your body until your chin is over the bar (that's where the name comes from). Hold onto that position briefly and then lower your body slowly till your lats are stretched (initial position).

BREATHING: Exhale when you pull up your body, inhale when you return to initial position.

TIPS and ERRORS: Don't swing your body to take advantage of the momentum and help you pull up.

Need Some Help?

At the beginning, if your gym is equipped with a dips stand machine that has a pad to help you lift, you can use it to start getting familiar with the exercise.

Of course I am assuming that every dips stand has a chinup bar on top.

The more weights you select in the stack the more the pad pushes you up.

You can use this machine kneeling onto the platform after selecting the desired weight.

If you can perform more than 10 reps then you should consider using a weight belt and attach some weight to it to increase resistance.

Dips stand machine

Dips stand machines are in every gym


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