Chest Press Machine for Chest Workout

Chest press machine comes handy when you don't feel 100% comfortable doing the barbell or dumbbell bench press, or when you want to load very heavy weights and you can't find nobody to spot you.

I tend to prefer free weights exercises, but I like to use this machine too, sometimes as a complementary exercise.

After doing my 3 or 4 sets at the bench press I like to finish with one set of chest press machine, just to "kill" my pectorals completely.

For the rest it's not much different from the bench press at the multipower machine, it's the same exercise executed from a sitting position.



SECONDARY MUSCLES: Triceps, Shoulders

EQUIPMENT: Chest Press Machine

TYPE: Compound

Chest Press Machine

Chest Press Machine Execution

INITIAL POSITION: Sit on the 90 degrees bench part of the machine and regulate your seat to a height that allows you to grab the handles between nipple and shoulder height, and keep your back well in contact with the back support. Your palms should face down and your elbows should be on the same line of your wrists.

MOVEMENT: Being this a machine, the movement is very much controlled, so all you have to do is to push forward keeping your elbows at the same height. Try to squeeze your chest muscle and then slowly return to the initial position.

BREATHING: Exhale when you push and inhale when you return to initial position.

TIPS and ERRORS: Make sure you keep your feet flat on the ground and keep your back always in contact with the back support. Don't arch your back and don't lower your elbows when you push.


Different machines have different handles. Most of them have the shape of the machine in the picture above.

In that case grasp the horizontal bar that is part of the handle.

If you hold onto the vertical bar you will work your triceps more.


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