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The Best Way to Burn Fat

Sometimes we just want to know what the best way to burn fat is.

People are just tired of those commercials that promise you to lose 5 pounds a week but that never work.

People want to hear something that works, people want to see results, and here I finally want to tell you how!

First things first, generally speaking you should always remember this equation. [...]

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Why Too Much Cardio Equals No Muscle Gains

Some cardio is good for your heart and health, but too much cardio is bad for your muscle.

One day a friend of mine was complaining that, although he was eating much more than me, he couldn't build any muscle while I was getting bigger quickly.

That was some years ago, btw. [...]

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How to Burn Fat Preserving Muscle

Did you build some muscle and now decided to burn fat? Did they tell you to change workout routine and start doing high reps and low weights to tone, and hours of cardio every week?

Ok, don't be offended, but that's all BS!

That's certainly a great way to lose weight, don't get me wrong, but

Lose weight means lose fat and muscle too

. [...]

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Elliptical or Exercise Bike: Which One is Best?

When I was looking to buy some cardio equipment I was debating too. Elliptical or exercise bike: which one is best?

Everyone is different, so I can't really tell you what the right answer is. But I can give you some advice that might help you to do the right choice if you're looking to buy one of these machines to exercise at home and push your heart rate up on those boring winter evenings. [...]

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