Want to Stop Calf Muscle Pain?

If you suffer from calf muscle pain you must probably be interested in knowing that there is a natural solution, very simple and effective to relieve of this unpleasant problem.

I've learned what I am about to tell you from a great personal trainer that followed me for a few years. He's not just a personal trainer but also a professional masseur and postural therapist.

One thing you need to know is that there is a common cause for this type of muscular pain, and after knowing what it is you will understand why calf muscle pain can be solved in a natural way without the use of pain medication or abuse of drugs.

Calf Muscle Pain

Although people experience calf pain in different ways:

  • Nuisance
  • Burning feeling
  • Pain during sleep
  • Pain during walk or sport or exercise
  • Pain during rest
  • Swelling
  • Cramps

when the pain is not the consequence of a well done calf workout at the gym the day before, very often the cause is the bad posture, both at rest and in motion.

What does that mean?

It means that if your posture is not correct while standing, sitting and moving you are going to start experiencing tendon and muscle inflammation, that can become sharp very soon and, if neglected, can become also chronic.

Truth About Calf Pain and Treatments

Alright so now you learned that bad posture is most likely the cause of that annoying pain in calf muscles, which are some of the most delicate in our body.

It might be just annoying for now, but if you ignore it for too long you can highly increase the risk of more serious injuries, like calf sprains due to sprints, for example to catch a bus or while playing beach volley.

But let's cut it short, now you want to know what this natural solution is, and it's time to find out.

Calf muscle pain causes

It's interesting to know that heels and also flat shoes can cause calf muscle pain

By knowing the real causes it's easy to imagine the solution, which comes in three simple steps:

  1. First of all, book an appointment for an accurate postural examination. Find a good expert therapist who can evaluate your posture, study your unique case and explain to you exactly what to do
  2. Find some time to do specific stretching exercises for your calves but also for the rest of your body
  3. Repeat the postural examination after six months or so, to check if you're improving or if you need some more adjustments.

This might seem like a solution that will take a long time to show some benefits, and it is true, I know, but it depends also on your persistance.

In fact, it takes time to change our own habits, especially when it comes to posture, but it's important.

Medications for Calf Muscle Pain

Just for your info, I am going to suggest some medications that work well with muscular pain in the calves.

I understand that even if you're willing to try the natural way, you might really need a short term solution, at least to relieve the pain now and go back to normal activity.

After that, yes, you should really fix the causes of your calf pain otherwise it'll come back.

Here are some products that you can try:

Icy Hot is really good because it warms up the muscles and brings more blood to it facilitating the healing process.

You can find Icy Hot in various versions on Amazon.

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