Okay, I was always told that when you burn fat you always burn some muscle. That scared me because I really didn't want to lose some of the muscle that I built with so much fatigue and in such a long time!

After doing some research and testing it on myself I found the way to burn fat not muscle!

It's complicated because, as we will see, it requires you to work hard at the gym even without the energy that you currently have, but it works!

Reduce Calories

The first thing you need to understand when you want to burn fat, not muscle, is that you have to have a calorie deficit at the end of the day.

This means that your daily activity makes your body burn more calories than you take in with food or supplements.

Eat less, yes and no. The point is to reduce especially carbs. Eat more lean meat and reduce pasta, rice, breads...that kind of aliments.

Carbs are the main source of calories for your body, they're the fuel that gives you energy.

Do Some Cardio but Not Too Much to Burn Fat Not Muscle

Aerobic training is an effective and fast way to burn extra calories and raise your metabolism. I said some cardio, not hours and hours of cardio.

The reason is that you don't want to have a big calorie deficit because that will prevent you from lifting heavy weights at the gym (it would make your energy level drop).

If you do too much cardio then yes, you burn fat and muscle too.

Burn Fat Not Muscle

Keep Lifting the Same Weights

This is the key point to burn fat, not muscle.

You have to do your best to keep lifting the same weights when you work out. By reducing your calories and doing some cardio, your energy level is definitely lower and you find it so much harder to lift the same weights that you used to lift.

But don't move down with weights. I know it'll be impossible to move up with weights because of the lack of energy, but at least you have to lift the same weights that you lifted last time.

This is essential to maintain the same muscle mass that you built before. If you can do that you're basically telling your body that you need that muscle because you have to lift those weights, therefore your body will have to find the necessary energy somewhere else. Specifically it will have to burn fat.

If you move down with weights you fail because your body will think that it can take some energy from the muscles since you don't need them any more. If you are going to lift lighter weights your body will adapt to that change and reduce the muscle mass.

Remember these key factors when you want to lose fat. Burning fat without burning muscle is possible and you can do it too.

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