Building Size: 5 Supplement Staples for Lean Muscle Mass

Lean muscle mass is when you reduce the amount of body fat you have on your body and increase the amount of muscle tissues your body has instead.

Lean Muscle MassYou can accomplish this task through the use of proper exercise programs, nutrient intake, and with the added assistance from supplements.

Supplements generally get a bad rep because people often assume a supplement is used for bodybuilding and are considered illegal.

However, this is a myth because there are various supplements that are great for any person to consider for lean muscle gains.

1. Protein Powders, Bars, and Liquid Forms

Protein is a macronutrient that our bodies need to survive, and are well-known for being used in muscle gains.

The process for this is through exercising, which causes small tears in your muscle fibers.

These tears need to heal and recover in order for your cells to increase in size, thus leading to muscle gains. This can take place only with the help of protein.

Protein supplements come in different variations, but are used as a convenience by those who cannot always have some type of protein rich foods on them.

You can easily carry protein supplements (protein bars) around or prepare protein shakes, and the best time for their use is pre-training and post training.

2. Creatine to Help Build Lean Muscle

Creatine is actually something that your body already creates unless something is medically wrong.

They have been confirmed to assist with strength, endurance, energy, and muscle increases while implemented into a proper diet and fitness regimen. Creatine can be found in different variations, but the most commonly used one is creatine monohydrate.

Supplements containing this nutrient often come in a wide array of mixed powders where you simply add water, or can also be found in pill forms as well.

Ensure that you drink plenty of water with creatine usage, and never consume this type of supplement for longer than 30 days. After this period of use, you need a one month recovery away from them.

3. Fat Burners

Fat burners help take the fat away from your muscles, which allows lean muscle gains to occur much easier than with excessive fat.

Most fat burners contain some type of caffeine based ingredient or spicy food extract.

Basically this type of supplement aims for causing your metabolism to increase, thus stimulating your heart to becoming elevated.

This causes fat burning to start taking its immediate presence. They are also great for appetite suppression, and the energy gained from fat burners allows your muscles to train harder for better lean muscle growth.

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4. BCAA’s

BCAA’s is short for Branched Chain Amino Acids, which are both essential and non-essential for your body depending on the type of amino acid.

  • Essential means that your body is not able to produce them naturally; therefore you must consume them through foods and supplements.
  • Non-essential does not mean they are not important, but rather your body is capable of producing them naturally.

Amino acids are great for lean muscle gains because they are what account for the nutrients being used to allow their growth through physical activities.

They are also a supplement to consider because they preserve lean muscle gains and prevent their loss.

Your muscle can survive up to 2 weeks without training while using BCAA’s before muscle loss occur.

5. Fish Oil

Fish oil supplements contain omega-3 fatty acids, which are helpful for your muscles in a variety of ways.

First, these fatty acids help alleviate the soreness after working out and encourage the repair process along with protein.

Next, these healthy fats are capable of stimulating extra energy during training, which means exercise intensity is heightened. Lastly, fish oil nutrients are used by your body to support the lean muscle mass.

In Conclusion

These 5 supplement staples for lean muscle mass are easy to get a hold of and purchase while on a budget.

Generally the more you pay means higher quality contents, but you have to review the label of the supplement to understand its quality.

They are all used for muscle retention and mass gains with multiple other health benefits.


About the Author

Demmy James is a fitness buff as well as a strength and conditioning specialist. He is also a content contributor for Muscle & Strength.


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2 Responses

  1. Great information. You have mentioned some great supplements for building lean muscle like whey protein which is the building block of muscles and is helpful in building quality muscle. Also fish oil if used wisely can help in reducing fat and building muscle. Creatine being the best supplement can help increase athletic performance, help in increasing muscle volume and can increase stamina at the same time.
  2. Avatar rishul
    should. I. Stack creatine with fat burner or there would be any side effect of it?