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Some Simple Core Workouts for Women to Do at Home

A lot of my readers are female, and today I want to answer the question if core workouts for women are the same recommended for men. I think they mostly want to know about core workouts for women to do at home, because that's where most moms would like to train. Life if busy with…
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5 Six Pack Abs Myths

Are one hundred crunches all you need to get a six pack abs?How much effort does it take take to men and women to get the so much desired flat belly?

You need commitment, perseverance and sacrifices.Also, watch out for false promises and easy solutions. [...]

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The Six Pack Abs Diet Shortcuts

I wish I could tell you that there was a specific six pack abs diet that you could follow to guarantee you results, but unfortunately there isn't.

Everybody is different, and the 6 pack abs diet that works for me might not work for you.

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How to Get Six Pack Abs

Many fellows out there are probably wondering "How do I get six pack abs?", which I figured is one of the most common questions I receive.The quickest way to get 6 pack abs is to follow an appropriate life style and do things like:

  • Start a weight training program, and do Compound Exercises
  • Cut down your calories (but not too much otherwise you don't have enough energy to build muscle)
  • Eat leaner (lean meats, whole grains etc.)
  • Do some cardio (again, too much cardio will burn fat and muscle as well)
  • Do some crunches


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Dumbbell Side Bends for Oblique Abs

An effective way of training your oblique abs is doing dumbbell side bends regularly.The correct form of this exercise is the following:

  • Stand with feet shoulder width apart
  • Hold a dumbbell in each hand, keep your arms straight on your sides, palms facing your hips
  • Bend to the left as much as you can, till you feel the burn (your body will tell you when to stop)
  • Slide the dumbbells along your legs
  • Don't bend your body forward or backward
  • Return to the straight position (this movement works your obliques)
  • Repeat on the right side


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The Best Ab Exercises to Build a Strong Core

Let me ask you a simple question, and be honest: do you do ab exercises?In my experience I can safely say that 90% of the people that workout their abs at the gym are ladies.I think that guys prefer to dedicate their time to other parts of the body and train the real muscle, but it's a wrong approach in my opinion. [...]

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The Truth About 6 Pack Abs

6 pack abs...I heard one time that a bodybuilder is not a real bodybuilder if he can't exhibit it.I don't know if I agree with that, but certainly a 6 pack adds can make a difference between a physique and a...nice physique!

Be prepared, I hope you are very persistent because there is lots to do in order to have the famous six pack abs replace a flat belly and look like this. [...]

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