Did You Know These Tricks to Build Muscle Fast?

There's not a simple way to build muscle fast, let's clarify that.

The bad thing is that there are so many magazines that want to teach you how to become the new Schwarzenegger in no time, misleading many beginner bodybuilders that wanted to try the quick way.

Fast is actually very relative depending on your body type and metabolism.

What I want to teach you is how to build muscle, compared to other ways that you can find on the internet or on those "fantasy" magazines.

Being aware that we don't live in Wonderland and that there is no magic involved.

Get Stronger

I said that before, to build muscle mass you need to get stronger.

build muscle fastTo get stronger you need to lift heavy weights.

How heavy? So heavy that they allow you to perform a maximum of 6-8 reps per set.

I want to make sure you understand how our body works. It tries to adapt to the stress that you apply to it. If you lift light weights your body doesn't need to build more muscle mass because it would be useless.

In fact, you can already lift those weight without problems. Why should your body increase the size of your muscles?

If you always add more weight you force your body to grow more muscle, so that the next time you will be able to lift those weights again.

Man, you're the one that decides what weight you should use. If you can do 12 reps with 150lb on the bench press, it's time to add weight. Even adding 2lb every time would be so beneficial.

If you find that with 170lb you can do no more than 3 reps then it's too heavy for you.

Remember, if you want to build muscle fast

Going to failure means that when you're performing your last rep you feel like you're dying! If you wanted to do even just one more, you couldn't.

That's what going to failure means, and that's how you know when it's time to add weight.

Do Compound Exercises

If you want to build more muscle mass you need to do the right exercises (See Correct Exercise Form to Build Muscle).

I don't know anybody that got big by doing biceps curls or by working out their triceps or calves.

But i do know many people that put on a lot of mass by doing compound exercises.

Please read what Compound Exercises are and how they help to build muscle fast.



Bench press

Bench Press

Train Your Legs

muscular legs

Many don't believe it, or don't want to, but training legs properly does help you build muscle fast

One of the biggest mistakes you could do is to ignore your legs in your workout routine.

I know I know, you rarely show your legs, they don't make you as proud as when you can show your biceps, and girls don't seem to be so fascinated by men's legs.

But they are probably the muscle you should dedicate most of your attention. Reason being is that they are the biggest muscles in your body.

Getting them strong will boost your testosterone, and all other muscles will benefit from it.

Get More Rest and Recovery

If you workout every day I bet you will give up soon because of no results or because you lose passion.

It's very important to work out your muscles, and it's even more important to recover properly.

Remember, your muscles grow when you rest, when you sleep. Not when you train. Your body heals when you sleep.

Why do you feel tired after workout? Or why do you feel that you need to sleep when you're sick and have fever?

Those are all signals that your body gives you because it needs you to rest so it can heal.

You can build muscle fast if you rest longer than you train.

Plus, resting will keep your mind clear and more motivated. When I used to workout too often I ended up losing motivation and hating the gym.

See how to ensure more rest and less stress keeping your training short (Short Training Sessions to Build Muscle).

Gain Weight

You can't build muscle mass if you don't eat enough. It's an equation:

Calories you take in > Calories you burn = Weight Gain

It's not easy to gain weight for people that tend to be naturally skinny, I know, I am one of those.

Eat to build muscle

Eat more, and right to build muscle fast. No junk food, but protein, carbs and fats too (40-40-20 is recommended)

But you need to train your stomach too. If you don't eat much your stomach gets smaller, therefore you feel full after a few bites, right?

The opposite happens if you force yourself to eat more. Your stomach (which is very elastic) enlarges and has more room for other food, giving you the feeling that you need to eat more in order to fill it up.

I repeat, force yourself, add some calories between meals. Learn about pre workout nutrition and post workout nutrition. Read Eat to Build Muscle Fast for some advice, but also remember that you don't have to get fat to build muscle.

Increase Proteins in Your Diet

Proteins are the bricks that build your muscle. If your diet doesn't provide you with the necessary amount of proteins you can't build muscle.

Proteins are found in meat (especially chicken and turkey more than beef and pork), fish, eggs, milk, nuts and some legumes like beans. "Muscle Building Tips: Increase Proteins" will provide you with more details.

Eat Good Fats

Hell yeah, fats are needed in our diet. A common misconception is that if you eat fats you store fat.

That is not true, or it is true only if you eat the bad fats (animal fats, saturated fats).

Good fats provided by foods like

  • Avocado
  • Fish Oil

increase your natural production of anabolic hormones like

  • HGH (Human Growth Hormone)
  • Testosterone
  • IGF-1 (Insulin-like Growth Factor)

Take Supplements to Build Muscle Fast

I found that I couldn't build muscle fast without the help of supplements.

Don't misunderstand, I am not talking about steroids, I am all the way against them. That's poison for me.

I am talking about supplement that can add those ingredients that help you gain weight and build muscle fast, or that help you recover faster.

The ones I recommend are:

What is YOUR Secret? What Do You Recommend to Build Muscle Fast?

As I always say, the way I built muscle worked very well for me and my body type.
A different body type might need a different approach, or simply other people see better result in different ways just because we are all different.

What is YOUR advice? How did YOU build muscle?


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