Build Muscle and Burn Fat

Not either or... We want both: build muscle and burn fat.

That's how we can have back our real body. The body we used to have when we didn't even care of what we were eating or doing to stay in shape.

Gaining muscle to lose fatThere was a time when the word diet was pronounced only by our mom and her friends. Commercials about losing weight were only a boring waste of time, something for ladies...we didn't need any of that!

But now what happened? How come are we suddenly interested in how to build muscle and burn fat?

You are probably as disappointed as many to realize that our body changes when we age. Everything is more difficult when you're over 30.

It's harder to build muscle and burn fat first of all, because our body doesn't respond like when we were 18.

When you are older it takes longer, it takes much more dedication to achieve your goal, and a lot more motivation.

If You Want You CAN Build Muscle

Building muscle is possible. Some people take longer and some people see fast results.

What makes this difference?

As I said, motivation, passion, patience and dedication. It depends on how bad you want it. But these are not the only factors. Your body type, metabolism and hormone balance play an important role on which you don't have so much control.

They can slow you down, but won't stop you from getting what you want: build muscle and burn fat.

You can just think of going to the gym, do a bunch of exercises and then go for a beer with your friends.

To build muscle you probably need to change your lifestyle. I realized, and I can confirm what they say by experiencing it on my own body, that the only way to build muscle depends on these factors:

  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Rest

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Build Muscle and Burn Fat

Watch What You Eat

Diet is always the most important thing, that where your calorie intake comes from, and the quality of those calories.

If you don't eat right you can imagine how hard, if not impossible, is to build muscle and burn fat.

No more junk foods, no more beers and alcohol.

Healthy food must be your target. Eating right doesn't make you burn fat directly, but at least it doesn't make you store more fat, and it helps you build muscle, which helps you burn more fat like we're going to see in a while.

Eating right will definitely help you burn fat indirectly, this is a fact, so promise yourself that you will start a healthy diet!

Exercise and Rest

You need to do the right exercises, and do them in the right form. You can't build muscle if you spend 2 hours at the gym every day, or if you go and just "lift some weights".

You have to exercise properly, go to muscle failure each set, do compound exercises and do short training sessions and check your testosterone levels.

Resting is very important to give your body the time to recover and get bigger.

If you don't follow this basic guideline you can't build muscle and burn fat.

Build Muscle and Burn Fat

We must admit it. When we think of fat burn the first thing that comes to our mind is cardio exercise. Strength exercise is not our first thought.

Are you on the same boat?

So many times I heard people saying "I don't want to build muscle, I want to lose weight, not get bigger!".

Let me say this: it's not your weight that matters, it's the fat percentage.

If I am not crazy, I assume that what you want to lose is fat. It may sound the same, but it's very different.

Losing weight means losing fat and muscle...and I don't think you want that.

Something that you should know is that muscle weights 4 times fat.

One person can weight as much as a much bigger person if he has a muscular body and the other one is fat.

So you understand that you shouldn't really look at the numbers on the scale as long as your body shape looks good.

One very important aspect of fat loss is that building muscle helps burning fat even without spending boring hours on a treadmill.

Building Muscle Helps Burning Fat. How is That Possible?

Strength training works better than aerobics for getting fit and burning fat because building muscle helps raising your metabolism rate.

The higher the metabolism, the more calories you burn.

Muscle requires a lot of energy to be maintained, it requires fuel. And where does it take that fuel from? It comes from the calories that your body can provide by burning fat.

If you follow a correct workout program to build muscle you will see fast body changes because muscle is what shapes your body. Week by week new muscle mass will replace the existing fat in your body.

Strength training is really the best way to build muscle and burn fat at the same time.

Have you read about the afterburn effect? It is the way to burn fat after workout, even while you sleep because after HIIT (High Intesity Interval Training) your body keeps burning fat for up to 24 hours due to an increased metabolism rate.

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