Body Types: Ectomorph, Mesomorph, Endomorph

You have probably hear that your body belongs to one of these three body types: ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph.

But let me're wondering...what the heck do those words even mean?

If you are like me, you prefer to talk English, and what makes sense to us are words like skinny, athletic and chubby...right?

Body Types

Do you already recognize yourself in one of these body types?


Well, it's time to learn also the technical versions of the words we are used to, so let's begin with analyzing the three main types of body and understand which one you belong to, and how to apply changes to your lifestyle in order to fall into the "athletic" type.

Which of These Body Types Do You Belong to?

Men's body types can vary from the tall and skinny, to the strong and muscular or fat. Although it's not possible to change our genetics, there is lots we can do to improve our body shape.

One of the best ways is to start specific training programs that are best indicated one of the three body types.

It is important to understand which one you belong to, because for each type there are specific exercises and diet that can truly benefit.

No matter which body type you have, you can always improve your shape to the best of your body's possibilities.


Ectomorph is the classic hard gainer: tall, skinny, thin bones with little muscle and very low body fat percentage. Ectomorph doesn't bother to build a six pack abs because he is never going to have any belly fat to cover it.

They are usually introvert and a little irritable, and find it almost impossible to gain some weight and build some muscle.

They have a hard time at the gym to reach their goals, but with specific routines and lots of patience they'll be able to see results.

One of the things an ectomorph hates the most? To hear people say "You need to eat more! You need to gain some weight!" or..." Are you healthy?"

Yes, I am! Don't you think I know I need to gain weight? Stop bothering already!

Usually an ectomorph has narrow shoulders, skinny waist and is generally tall.


Mesomorph is what we would all want to be...perfect body, amazing muscular mass and low percentage of body fat.

These people are suitable for all sports and psychologically are very active and engaged.

Not many are hard gainers in this category, although some may find it difficult to build decent muscle mass in their legs.

You don't find many pure mesomorphs around, but those who are, can increase muscle mass basically with any type of training, while keeping low body fat.

Lucky people, yeah. You can spot them also when they age, in fact I bet you've seen men in their 50s or 60s still in great shape, a shape that maybe you have never had even tho you are 25.

An mesomorph has wide shoulders, lean waist, and is well proportioned.


Endomorphs can gain weight, meaning fat in this case, very easily and fast, in fact they are characterized by a high percentage of body fat.

Endomorphs are generally strong people, but some may also be hard gainers with obesity problems (they can't build muscle plus they gain fat easy).

Unfortunately these are people that, especially in school, are targeted by the bullies that make fun of them just because they are fat.

Endomorphs usually have a very outgoing personality and can be very funny people.

Endomorphs are tendentially fat subjects, wide shoulders, wide waist, and fat can accumulate also in their legs and chest, causing the formation of man boobs.

Intermediate Body Types

There are of course tons of variations, who tends to be between these three specific types, for example:

  • Meso-Ectomorph: inherits from both mesomorph and ectomorph, even though the great majority leans towards the ectomorph. There are lots of skinny people around that go to the gym to build muscle, and even though it takes a long time for them, they're not extreme hard gainers and super skinny like ectomorphs.
  • Meso-Endomorph: has a good muscular structure, but has to work very hard to lose some extra pounds, especially on their belly. They are very familiar with the well known love handles!

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