Best Bicep Exercises to Build Muscle Fast

If we could we would always put bicep exercises in every session of every workout routine, yeah, because we LOVE big arms!

Big biceps are the perfect image of a bodybuilder, together with pectorals.

This is what most of us, including me, think. They are the muscle that give the idea of strength.

Well luckily for us, there are a bunch of exercises for biceps that we can do to work out our babies and raise them how we want!

Imagine this,

Every Time You Pull, You Work Out Your Biceps

Have you ever thought about it? Isn't it amazing?

 bicep exercises

Ok, without being silly that's a reality and we should take advantage of it.

We have many options at the gym, not only we can do isolation exercises, but Compound Exercises too in order to get stronger, bigger arms. They are also involved in many other exercises as secondary muscles.

Do Compound Movements for Bigger Biceps

Let me shock you this time!

You can grow big biceps without even training them

Work, traffic, your...ehm...lovely wife and kids require lots of time and special attention?

If you are always very busy and don't have the time at the gym to do some specific bicep workout, then don't worry, there are several other exercises that will help you.

I am thinking of exercises for back muscles like Chin Ups, Pull Ups, Rows (T-Bar rows, barbell rows, bent over rows) and Low Pulley.

Bicep exercises - seated rows

Seated rows is just one of the compound bicep exercises

Your biceps are always involved in these compound movements, if you have them (even just a couple) in your routine you don't really need other isolation bicep workouts.

Chin Ups is my personal favorite. It's a hard training, not everybody can do it because it requires to lift your body weight with the strength of your arms...but it's soooo effective!

Some gyms have a board that you put your knees on it and it helps you lifting your body. You can regulate the weight in the stack and basically what you lift is

Your body weight - The weight on the stack = weight applied

For those that approach Chin Ups for the first time it's probably a good option.

People that are stronger usually attach more weight to their body to apply even more resistance.

Isolation Exercises

If you want to focus on the biceps only, the choice is huge.

Concentration Curls, Dumbbell Curls, Cable Curls, Standing Barbell Curls and many others are specifically bicep exercises that you can alternate in your workout routines.

Bicep exercises - concentration curls

Concentration curls are isolation bicep exercises

Biceps are small muscles (at least compared to the big ones) and can be trained on the same day that you train your back (as I said before, most of the back exercises already warm up or fully work out your biceps) or on a different day.

The good thing of being a smaller muscle is that it doesn't need too many days for recovery, so you could technically do bicep workouts every 3 days.

So...Which Ones Are the Best?

This is my very personal opinion, I am going to tell you which bicep exercises gave me the biggest results in terms of size gains and shape.

I specified that it's only my opinion because at the gym you can't really say what exercise everybody should do.

It always depends on you, your body type and your genetics.

What works for me could not work as well for you, and vice versa, of course.

For example, my biceps grow very fast and sometimes I just include them in Compound Exercises like Chin Ups. I have a hard time increasing my pectorals size instead.

Maybe your pecs grow very fast, and you don't understand why you can't have big arms.

I know many people like that, or like me. Everybody is different dude.

So you need to find what works best FOR YOU, but hey, this is just advice, here is my top 3 bicep exercises.

  1. Standing Barbell Curls
  2. Chin Ups
  3. Dumbbell Curls

#1 Standing Barbell Curls

Standing Barbell Curls is my very favorite. It's hard, consider that the barbell itself is already 45lb! If you perform this exercise with the barbell only it's like if you did Dumbbell Curls with 22.5lb. Plus the weight that you add.

This is a "semi-compound-bicep-exercise" if you allow me to say that.


Because part of your front shoulders and forearms are worked. Don't confuse it with a compound exercise because we're still talking about an isolation exercise.

#2 Chin Ups

as you can imagine, Chin Ups is very similar to the Standing Barbell Curls. Biceps are secondary only because it's a back muscle workout, but they play a big role and are stressed so much.

#3 Dumbbell Curls

Dumbbell Curls is the classic exercise that if you ask someone that has never gone to the gym to show you a biceps workout they'll show you this. It's a good isolation exercise that makes me feel like I really focus on the muscle.

Best Bicep Exercises

Standing Barbell Curls for Bicep Workout

Dumbbell Curls for Bicep Workout

Preacher Curls for Bicep Workout

Concentration Curls for Bicep Workout

Cable Curls for Bicep Workout

Hammer Curls for Bicep Workout


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