Best Whey Protein – Best Brands and Prices

What do you look for when you look for the best whey protein?

Is the best the one that tastes better or the one that has the best nutrition facts?

bsn syntha 6 reviews - best whey protein

If you ask me...Syntha 6 is the best whey protein shake!

Of course the nutrition facts are what matters because at the end of the day you want to take in the best quality protein...but the taste, to be honest, is equally important to me.

I've tried several brands, some good and some bad.

Now I think I have a pretty good experience and I wanted to write this page to discuss my favorite whey protein shakes, and tell you what you need to when you buy your next supplements.

To Choose the Best Whey Protein Look at Nutrition Facts

To decide which one is the best whey protein, the first factor you have to look t is the nutrition facts:

  • Amount per serving
  • Total calories
  • How much protein per serving
  • How many carbs
  • How much fat
  • Minerals etc.

An example of bad whey protein powder is something like this (let's assume a serving of 40 grams):

  • 28 g of protein
  • 8 g of carbs
  • 3 g of fat
  • 1 g of whatever else

This looks to me more like a weight gainer rather than a whey protein..

The best whey protein powder is supposed to have a very high percentage of protein (like 37 g out of 40 g of powder), and a low percentage of carbs and fat. That way we can really call it whey protein isolate.

A good quality indicator is also the absence of aspartame!

Anyway, here's a couple of examples of good and bad quality protein powders.


Good Quality Whey Protein


Bad Quality Whey Protein

As you can see above, a good protein shake provides 27 g of protein out of 30 g of powder, almost no fat nor carbs. For your information, that is the label of AllMax Nutrition IsoFlex Whey Protein.

The second one provides only 25 g of protein out of 37 g of powder, 3 g of fat and 6 g of carbs. If you want the best protein powder...this is not what you're looking for.


Despite what people say, I think that taste is very important when you consider buying protein supplements.

At the end of the day you have to drink the protein shake and you're better like it otherwise...believe are going to hate it!

If you hate drinking it you are going to skip it many times and miss your supplements servings...

Been there, done that.

One time I bought protein powder from one of the major stores that we all know. I don't even remember the brand, but it was very cheap compared to others.

I tried it a few times, and then I had to get rid of it. I just couldn't swallow any more of it.

Even if it had been the best whey protein...sorry, I was done!

Now I stick to few of my favorites, those that taste ridiculously good and are good brands as well.

I can take them with milk (pre-workout or between meals) and water (post-workout) and still taste good.

I came to the conclusion that different flavors of the same brand taste good with milk and bad with water.

Some flavors like chocolate for example: great with milk, horrible with water. Some friends of mine like it anyway, many other people do.

I just think that water with chocolate flavor is gross.

Maybe you don't care about the taste, maybe your stomach doesn't complain.

Lucky you!

I just wanted to touch the taste side because to has a huge impact and I learned to avoid flavors that I don't like even if the nutrition facts are awesome.

My Top 5 Best Whey Protein Powders

As I said, I tried many different brands and here are my top 5 best whey protein powders.

#1 - BSN Syntha 6 Isolate (Strawberry)

BSN Syntha-6...the best absolute flavor I've ever tried. They're all good, strawberry milkshake is my very favorite. It's insane how addictive the flavor is.

I tried strawberry milkshake, chocolate, chocolate peanut butter (so good), banana and cookies & cream. All very good.

Despite the name "isolate" there are more carbs than you would expect, but it's a good compromise to me. STRONGLY RECOMMENDED.

#2 - AllMax Nutrition Isoflex (Chocolate)

AllMax Isoflex was my all time favorite before I met Syntha-6. Chocolate and chocolate-mint taste very good.

IsoFlex mixes really fast and easily, and provides basically 100% whey protein only. The amount of BCAA is also incredibly high, which is very important to recover after workout. Nutrition facts are unbeatable.

#3 - Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard (Chocolate)

Great taste, low carbs and fat.

#4 - Infinite Labs Infinite Pro 100% Whey (Chocolate)

Tried a couple of times, it's in my top-5 because of a good taste. As you can see though, it provides 10 g between carbs and fat.

#5 - Mutant Whey (Chocolate)

Same as above, I don't have a preference. Aspartame free is important. The taste is really good, it mixes well. Same family of the Mutant Mass (weight gainer).

It comes in bigger bags too so you can save quite a bit.


I hope you found some useful information here, I love to share my personal experiences to guide you to choose the best.

I am sure that some will agree and some disagree with my review. I would like to hear from you and learn how you decide what to choose.

So...let me ask you: what is YOUR favorite whey protein?


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15 Responses

  1. Avatar Blanca
    Hi, I like your page. I have a question about Isopure Zero Carb, Is it a good protein for build the muscle? Or is it for weight loss? Thank you.
    • Cristian Cristian IsoPure Zero Carbs is a very pure protein powder, you use it to build lean muscle as it is 100% whey protein and zero carbs. Combined with exercise it helps build muscle, and it could help lose weight (fat) too if you take it to replace other foods that contain carbs. If you take this and don't change your diet it's just to build muscle.
      • Avatar Blanca Guevara
        Hi, thanks for your answer. Now I was reading again about the best whey protein you wrote and I would like to try SYNTHA-6 (I was taking Isopure zero Carbs), my weight is 130, 46 years old, and I go to the gym 4 days a week. I gained a little muscle mass but I would like to gain some more (but without fat). Do you recommend me SYNTHA-6? Or Do I continue with Isopure zero Carbs? Thank you very much for your answer, Blanca
        • Cristian Cristian
          I'd try Syntha 6 for like 3 months and see how it goes. Extra calories are good if you convert them into muscle at the gym!
  2. Avatar regina carter
    hello iam a 50 year old female that want to lose weight n look lean n build muscle but I don't have no energy n I only eat one time a day n that is at night n I just join the gym what can I use to help please
    • Cristian Cristian
      Well,the problem sounds very clear. No eating = no energy.Keep in mind that our stomach can stretch a lot. For example if you eat less and less, it becomes smaller and you need to eat very little to feel full. If you eat a lot it gets bigger, and you need to eat much more to feel full. I suggest to start eating more, but gradually. Add a yogurt, an apple, anything that you like and that is easier for you to eat. Drink also more, probably. Try calorie drinks like weight gainers or meal replacements. Get as much sleep as you can, at night, and eat during the day. That should start increasing your energy level slowly and improve things overall.
  3. Avatar Janna Messing
    The use of whey protein as a source of amino acids and its effect on reducing the risks of diseases such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes has been the focus of ongoing research as of 2007. Scientific evidence has shown that proteins high in essential amino acids (EAA), branched chain amino acids (BCAA), and particularly leucine (Leu) are associated with increased muscle protein synthesis, weight loss, body fat loss, and decreased plasma insulin and triglyceride profile. Protein is found throughout the body—in muscle, bone, skin, hair, and virtually every other body part or tissue. Around the world, millions of people don’t get enough protein. Lack of protein can cause growth failure, loss of muscle mass, decreased immunity, weakening of the heart and respiratory system, and death.
    • Avatar John FZ Walker
      So true! Any good training must come with an equilibrated protein income, and you can try to lift heavier and heavier, with no proteins, you won't build nice lean muscles.
  4. Avatar Jtown
    You should let people know that the normal Syntha 6 is a blend protein with Whey, Casein, and Egg Proteins, That is why it has a long protein absortion profile.
    • Cristian Cristian
      Well you just did, thanks!
  5. Avatar Solomo
    if i'm looking to gain weight and muscles which protein i have to take? Thanks,
    • Cristian Cristian
      I'd go with Syntha-6
  6. Avatar Joanne johnson
    I am a 52 yr old women, I do crossfit 4 times a week. I have been taking 1 serving of the Gold Standard Whey isolate every moring and then afer a workout. After weeks of this routine I find my thighs not fitting into my pants quite so well. Does taking Whey do that to your muscles so quickly or may I have something else going on? Should I not be taking so much?
  7. Avatar Sanasam Mocha
    Hi,i m 26 my body weight is 56 and i want to gain some muscles .i used to exercise using dumbells and barbells at home.meanwhile i use whey protein but my muscle is little bit slower in development.plz suggest for faster growth of lean muscles...
  8. how about Nitro-tech from muscletech?