The Best Weight Gainer to Bulk Up Fast

Choosing a weight gainer is not that complicated. What needs some good advice, instead, is choosing the best weight gainer.

Best weight gainerLet me ask you: when you go to a vitamin store, or visit a website master in bodybuilding supplements such as or, do you get lost too when it's time to choose?

Just type whey protein, or weight gainer... Did you get less than 10 different products to choose from?

Hmmm...I didn't think so!

That's great when you have many options.

The real problem is that many times we don't have a clue of which is the best and maybe we end up buying something that is low quality or that brings absolutely no results.

This is what I figured during these years...

Black Box = Bad Luck!

Call it Murphy's Law or whatever you like, but when you don't know what to choose you end up choosing wrong, despite what happens in the movies where they're always lucky.

Same principle applies here when you hope that what you purchased is the best weight gainer.

Diversify Products and Brands

I've tried sorting by Top Rated and Best Sellers...I've tried reading a bunch of reviews hoping to find the best product...but it didn't really work.

I came to the conclusion that, unfortunately, you have to spend some time (and money) trying different brands before you can really find out what works for you.

Someone told me "try this" or "try that" because they were the best weight gainers ever.

Yeah, for them, not for me.

In bodybuilding the "general rule" doesn't apply very often. What works for others doesn't mean anything.


Because we're all different!

Every person is unique, and each body reacts in a differently to bodybuilding supplements.

If you've read articles like Best Testosterone Supplements or many other articles where I talk about the best of something you've probably noticed what I always say...

Nobody Can Tell You What is Best for YOU

All they can tell you is...what is best for others! Based on their experience!

That can certainly help, but don't take it as a rule.

Take it as a starting point. Definitely something to try first before you just guess.

All I can teach you is this:

  • Try a product and see how your body reacts to it
  • If you like it and see results, stick with it for a while
  • Cycle, change after some time
  • If you don't like a product, write it down in the black book, your search is now narrower

My Top 3 Best Weight Gainers

I am very picky with weight gainers, that's why I don't have a top 10 and not even a top 5.

There are only 3 products that I like and that helped me gaining weight.

I go straight to the point, I just want you to know that based on taste, quality, calories per serving and results I came out with this very narrow list.

Don't be surprised if you try them and are I said before, this is what works for ME. It is just MY advice, and if you don't agree I am sure that there are other products out there that will help you gain weight.

BSN True-Mass - 10.25 Lbs. - Strawberry Milkshake

BSN True-Mass contains an ""A.M to P.M"" protein blend that feeds your muscles for 8 hours, tailored for the individual needing caloric support to maximize lean muscle mass gains

Click here to read about BSN True Mass Best Flavor

Ensure Plus

I don't know if this is the best weight gainer o just a meal replacement, but I love it because it includes essential minerals and vitamins such as Vitamins A, B12, C, E and K; calcium; magnesium; iron; and zinc. Lactose free, low-cholesterol and low in saturated fat. Concentrated for gaining and maintaining healthy weight

I use to drink a bottle of Ensure a day between meals. It WILL make you gain weight!

Ultimate Nutrition Muscle Juice Revolution 2600 - 11.1 Lbs. - Cookies & Cream

Healthy Weight Gainer With 71% Less Sugar, Omega 3 MCTs.

It features 56 grams of protein in the exclusive Octo PRO Protein blend that combines 8 key proteins. It contains 170 grams of time release carbohydrates to aid in carbohydrate digestion time to minimize bloating. In addition to the precursors to glutamine per serving which includes the breakthrough L Alanyl L Glutamine.

This powerful dipeptide may protein against muscle degradation and provides fuel for exercise to help you go the distance. When you take 2 servings a day, as directed with milk, you will receive 2600 more calories and 148 more grams of protein to help you exceed your weight gaining goals.

I am sure everybody has different opinions, especially regarding bodybuilding supplements...

I always prefer to see all the options before I buy something, and if so do here to take a look at all the weight gainers on Amazon.

So, before I try every single product and waste my time...

Do YOU have a best weight gainer top 3?


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4 Responses

  1. Avatar Rohan Arora
    Serious Mass is another great weight gainer. The results are way to high and you could gain 8-10 pounds within a month or two.
    • Avatar Tarunbir singh
      Universal real gains also
  2. Avatar Sakshi Sharma
    Hello .. I was very slim,everyone tease me,then my friend recomened Accumass weight gain Granules.I am taking nutrigain capsule’s and powder for gain weight for last 3 months and I have put on weight.I am feeling confident,and talk wth everyone wuith confident.Friends use this and gain appropriate weight.It is pur ayurvedic Product and has no sideeffect.You will see result after few months. Bothmen & Women can use this.
  3. Avatar Ricky
    hello , can i get some guide from anybody . i am 21, 55kg and 180cm height . i am trying to build a average body and build muscle . is syntha 6 useful for me ?