Best Treadmill Workout – Incline, Fast Pace, HIIT

Best treadmill workoutI don’t know about you, but for me, a treadmill is a time machine. The treadmill somehow creates a vortex of time that allows 1 minute to turn into 1 hour. It’s some type of evil sorcery that I have spent years trying to counteract. So, what’s the best treadmill workout to pass the time?

Summit a Mountain

Use the incline treadmill workout as a great way to mix up your treadmill workout.

Pick a mountain hike, and try to simulate it on the treadmill. If your mountain trail that you choose is 4 miles and 4300-ft elevation, try to get as close to those numbers at the end of your hike on your treadmill.


Well, the closest thing that the treadmill will have to elevation is the vertical feet measurement. This is often read as VTFT on the display of any treadmill.

Over your 4 miles max your climb.

Missed the elevation mark?

Incline treadmill workoutDon’t beat yourself up too bad. Most treadmills only have a 10% incline while many elevation grades on hiking trails can reach 15-20% at certain points.

If you maxed your incline and missed the mark, you’ll still get a good workout.

Use The Programming

A lot of treadmills already have hiking programming built into them. This is particularly the case with the high-end treadmills that you will find in the gyms.

For the best hiking treadmill workout, set it to a pre-programmed hike and go. Your speed and incline will automatically be adjusted for you, leaving you free to focus on your hike.

Pace Training

The best place for pace training running is on the treadmill. Now, I know that running on the treadmill can be boring, but it is one of the only places to get accurate pace information.

GPS systems are not entirely accurate, and most GPS watches and sports watches are not up to par for accurate reporting.

If you have one of the $1,000 run tracking systems, then you can probably bet it’s pretty accurate.

Most people have the simple GPS app on their phone and a wrist pedometer/heart rate monitor. Those two things are not the best for accurate pacing information. Pace training is the most important elements in getting faster.

Most people think that you have to run as fast as possible to get a good cardio treadmill workout. However, training at a slower pace that can be maintained for longer periods of time is the key to building speed and endurance.

  • To build your speed pick a pace that you can maintain for the longest amount of time and see how long you can go.
  • You can use this time as a starting point to track your improvements over the course of your training.
  • If you start at 6 mph for 20 minutes, and a month later you can maintain that pace for 30 minutes you know you’ve made a definite improvement in your aerobic base.

Interval Training

Interval training can be the best treadmill workout for burning high calories and fat.

To do interval training you want to adjust both your speed and your incline to get the most out of the work you do. A lot of treadmills have built in training programs that will adjust the speed and incline as you go, so that you can focus on your run.

Improve Cardiac OutputHIIT treadmill workout

Interval training can also increase your ability to run greater distances. Like pace training, interval training has been shown to improve cardiac output and VO2 max.

The key to getting these gains when doing intervals is to make your maximum efforts as high as possible. This is also known as High-Intensity Interval Training.

Maxing your heart rate with HIIT and then having long intervals of recovery allows your body to practice speeding up cardiac output and then drawing it back down.

One of the best indicators of fitness is the body’s ability to reduce the heart rate back to normal, after bouts of high-intensity work. Since the body adapts to the training we put it through, this is a great way to improve overall fitness.

These three types of treadmill training are great ways to make the time fly during your workout time.

What is your favorite way to pass the time when you are in the gym and on the treadmill?

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