The Best Dietary Foods that You Can’t Miss!

Especially if we want to start a diet "do it yourself", the first thing you need to do is keep in mind what the best dietary foods are, or at least the ones that are the most useful for weight loss.

Water is the #1 in the Best Dietary Foods

Best Dietary Foods

Of course in first place of the best dietary foods list is the natural mineral water, even if it's not really a solid food.

The recommendation is always to drink up to 2 liters per day, but...why?

Our body is 90% water, then drinking a lot purifies us, normalizes renal and instestine functions - in fact it has laxative and diuretic properties - and is an "ally of the diet" because it fluffs up the fibers taken with other foods, giving a quick sense of satiety.

We should always bring water with us - and as a good rule of habit - a bottle of mineral water. The sparkling water is less suitable because it tends to inflate the abdomen, although it may facilitate digestion. To be avoided is the super sparkling water, because it irritates the stomach and colon.

Fruit is #2

In second place, unexpectedly, there is fruit, even the most sugary. Provided that you make "good use" of it. It is in fact an ideal and pleasant substitute for sweets and desserts - when we are gripped by the desire for something sweet during the day - and it is perfect for a mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack.

Because of its property to ferment in the stomach, before being completely digested, however, you should always eat it between meals, so that it won't slow down the digestive process. This makes fruit one of the best dietary foods available.

Among all the fruits, a good friend of the diet that is often considered to be avoided, is the banana. The important thing is to eat it alone, as a snack. It's like a small meal, rich in potassium and low in fat!

Strawberries are great for those on a diet: they are poor in sugar, rich in minerals and vitamin C and have diuretic properties.

The kiwi, also, are precious to lose weight because, in addition to being a primary source of vitamin C, contain a high dose of fiber. Therefore they satiate and have laxative properties.

And the apple? If red and eaten with the peel it has an unexpected property fat burning.

A very special fruit is the lemon. It is the citrus fruit that contains the least amount of sugars and, at the same time, it plays a strong protective activity for the micro-circulation. It helps digestion, fights cellulite, cleanses the body.

Not surprisingly there is a lemon type of diet, and a healthy habit is to wake up in the morning and drink a glass of water with lemon.

Low fat and filling properties are what makes fruits one of the best dietary foods.

Veggies, of Course

In third place among the best dietary foods, of course there are the vegetables. Rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals essential for our body, but also in the most dietary and easily digestible proteins.

Among the vegetables, we should give ample space to those that can be eaten raw: carrots, celery, peppers, broccoli, cucumbers, etc.. Only those poor in calories and rich in vitamins.

A separate discussion comes for garlic and onions, which are also great allies to weight loss diets and deserve to be in the best dietary foods list.

Garlic, with almost zero calories, has the distinct propery to awaken your metabolism, thus burning fat faster.

Onions have a strong diuretic power: they eliminate waste through the diuresis, but also help fight fluid retention and therefore cellulite.

A "precious" salad that helps the diet is the arugola: it contains very high amounts of vitamin C and vitamin A, and has the ability to stimulate the metabolism, thus facilitating the burning of body fat.

Finally, pumpkin, not many people know this, as well as having very few calories, has calming properties, so it is ideal for fighting the craving for food.

Faster metabolism makes you burn more fat even with less physical activity and all the foods that can speed it up should be part of your best dietary foods.

Yogurt and Eggs

Yogurt is also one of the best dietary foods to keep eat during slimming diets. It satiates, regularizes the digestive system and the gut with the richness of its lactic acid bacteria, has laxative properties and very few calories.

At the same time it brings, however, a high amount of lean protein, easy to digest. Few people know this, but yogurt is easier to digest than milk, even the semi-skimmed though.

And then, eggs: top high-protein food, the egg is also rich in minerals, but also in enzymes capable of contributing a lot to the formation of lean body mass, especially if you play sports.

Are Cereals in the Best Dietary Foods List?

Let's speak of cereals: myths and truths.

The rule is that any carbohydrate is preferable when taken in its integral form

not only because it is more rich in fiber, but also because it adds less sugar and, therefore, less calories.

The ideal is to eat cereals for breakfast, or in place of the usual carbohydrates - such as bread, pasta, rice. A meal of cereal like oatmeal or bran is fine in a diet, but not together with other more complex carbohydrates.

Keep in mind - when you're on a diet, and in any case as a good nutrition education - that

Carbohydrates should be eaten preferably at lunch instead of dinner

Lean Meats

Let's talk about protein foods: meat and fish, because they're also part of the best dietary foods.

Fish plate

Fish plate, one of the leanest protein meals you can have

What to choose when you are on a diet?

Chicken, first of all, is a valuable ally in every diet: easily digestible, it has a minimum fat content, so it helps to reduce body fat and increase lean body mass.

Even turkey meat has the same properties, and perhaps with a greater taste. Of course, everything depends on the cooking method: you can't expect to have fried chicken or roast chicken skin as part of a diet. But here - thankfully - common sense comes to meet us.

Fish, then. I recommend everything from shellfish to blue fish to even bigger fish fillets.

Even those less lean, which provide more calories, are the main source of Omega-3 essential fatty acids, which our body needs so badly: as anti-aging, as an aid to the circulation rate, as regulators of cardiac pressure.

All properties that make fish one of the best dietary foods that we should always include in our diet.

Also Some Spices are in Best Dietary Foods List

Large allies of weight loss diets are the spices: there are, in fact, targeted weight-loss diets based only on their consumption.

Among the spices, consider pepper and chili first of all, very rich in vitamin C and able to speed up our metabolism, allowing the body to burn fat faster and better.

Juniper berries have diuretic properties, sage and rosemary aid digestion, while the ginger relaxes and stretches the intestine.

Considered only as substances to flavor foods, spices are rich in dietary properties and especially help us to cook while decreasing the amount of salt on food.

And salt - we know - is the enemy of our line

Green Tea as One of the Best Dietary Foods

We can not conclude without  talking about tea, in particular green tea, and understand why - like water - it's one of the best dietary foods.

Pleasant coffee substitute - but less irritating to the stomach and the Nervous System - contains theine and caffeine, which have been scientifically proven to be fat burning substances.

Tea has zero calories, but it is invaluable to stimulate and speed up your metabolism and also in reversing the symptoms of aging, which makes it one of the very best dietary foods.

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