What Is The Best Blender Bottle For Protein Shakes?

best_blender_bottleIf you have ever had to blend a protein shake on the go, you are familiar with the little metal ball found inside most blender bottles. The problem is most of the time, this shaker ball for protein shakes doesn't dissolve all of the protein mixes. What is the best blender bottle for protein shakes?

If you've bought the standard blender bottles you know, it is typically a cylinder with a wide mouth and a drinking lid and a little metal ball inside. The idea is that the shape of the blender ball will break up enough of the mix to make the protein shake palatable. The problem with this idea is that most blender bottles don't work 100%. You always end up with chunks of protein mix in your drink.

The problem with this idea is that most blender bottles don't work 100%. You always end up with pieces of protein mix in your drink. There is nothing more disgusting than drinking a shake and having a dry chunk of protein powder land in your mouth. You're forced to either chew it or swallow it whole. Either option isn't pleasant.

The Best Blender Bottle

When looking to purchase a new blender bottle, you have to ask yourself two things.

  1. Do I want a manual or automatic blender bottle?
  2. How much do I want to spend?

If you aren't looking at spending more than $15 or $20, then you are going to want a standard blender bottle. The best blender bottles that you shake your self will have two stages of mixing. They will have a blender ball and a screen or filter on the top.

The Best Two-Stage Blender Bottle

The best_blender_bottle_dualBluePeak Protein Shaker is an inexpensive dual mix protein shaker that gets the job done.The small plastic blender ball inside of the protein shaker cup makes sure to get the larger chunks of shake mix broken up. The screen at the top does the rest of the job making sure that the smaller bits of shake mix are broken up.

The other reason that BluePeak ranks up there as the best blender bottle is the price. They are not trying to take every penny you have to get you a good quality product. They know all that money is going to go to a good quality supplement. The competition simply cannot beat the price of these shaker cups.

The construction on the BluePeak shaker bottles is durable. The lids are leak proof. They have a nice handle so that you can use a carabiner clip to secure it to your bag or belt. The plastic is BPA free which is a big win for these blender bottles. All in all, BluePeak packs a lot into a small package, making them one of the best blender bottles available.

Best Automatic Blender Bottle

best_blender_bottle_automaticIf you are tired of breaking a sweat trying to mix your post workout recovery drink or your extra protein in the morning: then you need to invest your cash and get an automatic blender bottle. The Summa hi-torque protein shaker is going to be the best blender bottle you can find for automatic shake mixing.


The battery on the Summa is rechargeable, so you don't have to worry about replacing batteries. The electronic spinner will mix up thick liquids and powders. This makes it perfect for people who prefer to use milk rather than water as their shake base. Don't expect to blend ice or fruits with the Summa though; it is strictly for liquids and powders.

The plastic is BPA free and marked for measuring purposes. Summa is an easy to clean automatic blender bottle because the base detaches. The blending process is fairly silent. You won't draw a lot of attention to yourself when fixing your recovery drink or protein shake. The cup isn't heavy, and it's leak proof. Summa really will change how you feel about your protein shake, making it one of the best blender bottles you can buy.

It doesn't matter whether you want an automatic blender bottle or a dual mix bottle. Don't get stuck buying the same old blender bottle. The drink mixing technology has come a long way, and you no longer need to drink a chunky, chalky protein shake.


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