The Benefits of Creatine Supplements

Over the years there have been numerous studies that endorse the benefits of creatine supplements among athletes.

Some of the conclusions that have been reached in relation to the effects of creatine supplements are as follows.

One of the Most Common Benefits of Creatine is Higher Performance

Benefits of creatine

I don't know if he claims it's all because of the benefits of creatine...There's probably much more there...

Creatine molecule acts as a reserve for the regeneration of ATP. Its role is important at the beginning of the strenuous exercise of short duration, because it is at this time that the muscle receives energy from ATP, which is in charge of its release.

Many studies show that creatine supplements increase its concentration in muscles more than 30% of the original concentration and increase phosphocreatine more than 20%.

As a result, this leads to a higher performance during intense exercise of short duration.

They also found that even after fifteen days from the suspension of creatine supplementation, the concentration of creatine in muscles was still higher than the initial values.

Reduced Fatigue

Studies conducted in 1993 pointed out that taking creatine supplements also decreases muscle fatigue when doing HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).

This is due to the reduction of the increase of ammonium and the lowering of pH, that are produced during repeated intense exercises.

Therefore it optimizes the effectiveness of physical activity carried out with the maximum intensity.

This increase in creatine concentration in muscles makes it possible to increase the load during exercise and allows you to work with more reps and faster recoveries.

Increased Strength

It generates a significant increase in strength because the energy is being released more easily, which makes it one of the most appreciated benefits of creatine supplements.

Increased Muscle Mass

It facilitates muscle mass gains.

This is due to the fact that creatine generates an increase in cell volume due to the water retention within each cell.

At the same time this stimulates the cell regeneration processes and hypertrophy (increase in size), which, in return, facilitates the synthesis of proteins during the stages of recovery after physical activity.

Benefits of creatine supplements

Creatine before and after

It also makes the ATP recovery faster during rest and accelerates muscle contraction and relaxation.


As you can see there are some interesting benefits of creatine supplements that encourage people to start using them, many of them also use creatine to lose weight.

In my experience, what most people like is the increase of muscle mass because it happens fast when you start taking creatine supplements.

The down side is that you have to drink much more than usual otherwise you experience one of the creatine side effects (dehydration).

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    Great article, thank you
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    Great information. Creatine is a cheap and most effective supplement available for gaining muscle. It has some great advantages like increasing athletic performance, increasing stamina and the ability to lift heavy weight also increases.