Back Muscle Pain Relief

It's about time to give you some back muscle pain relief advice that might help you solve that very uncomfortable feeling that comes when your back is sore.

Back muscle pain

Common back muscle pain spots

Back pain discomfort, whether chronic or temporary, is really difficult to manage, especially for the young and middle-aged people still engaged in a very active life, either at work or at home.

Unfortunately, what is often mislabelled as a simple discomfort due to aging may become something that really affects our lives if it's underestimated.

What to Do for Some Back Muscle Pain Relief?

Many people are affected by more or less acute back pain for long periods of time, and most of them have no idea how to really deal with what can quickly evolve into a complex disease and all the consequent disabling effects.

We'll see in this guide how to relieve back pain with simple daily precautions and also how to avoid aggravating it with behavior and bad posture.

Muscular or Skeletal Back Pain

Some of you may have back problems related to the muscular or skeletal system. If your pain is part of this group of disorders, most likely you will have the feeling of "bad sleeps" and wake up in the morning tired and stiff.

The solutions can be of two types:

  • Switch to a harder mattress (but not too hard)
  • Stretch before going to sleep

Backache from Incorrect Posture

In other cases, back pain can be caused by incorrect standing and/or walking posture.

It is important to wear comfortable and appropriate shoes for your lifestyle, especially for those who work long in standing position.

Beware of heels and very tight shoes!

Sciatica and Piriformis Syndrome

For those who suffer from sciatica and piriformis syndrome it can help to spend at least 20 minutes in warm water, so as to relieve the pressure on the bones and muscles.

Inflatable pillows

Inflatable pillows, adaptable to chairs or to the car seats can offer precious lumbar support fro your driving posture.

An inflatable pillow can be used as:

  • Lumbar support to maintain the natural curve of the back and prevent stiffness while you sit
  • Absorber to relieve stress on the spine, improve posture and strengthen the lower back.
  • Foot rest to improve blood circulation and reduce swelling in the legs

Help Choosing the Right Chair

When you sit for a long time, you tend to assume the wrong position, which can overstretch the spinal ligaments and deform the spine.

Over time, bad posture can damage spinal structures and worsen back pain and neck pain.

With normal chairs, the entire weight of the upper body pushes the coccyx against the seat surface, generating spinal pressure that can cause back pain.

Padded chairs can help in some cases, but it is important not to assume positions that seem to give us back muscle pain relief but actually end up worsening the situation.

Adjust Your Office Chair and Raise Your Monitor(s)

This is what my chiropractor taught me when I was going there for some "fixes": keep your chin up.

This about it, most people at work sit on a chair with their monitor on the desk. Then what is bad here? Most times to look at your monitor you're looking down forcing your chin down.

This affects your neck muscles and makes you assume a bad posture.

You should always look up straight, so the advice is to raise your monitor so that the lower edge is at your eyes height.

This really made a difference for me when I was seeking for back muscle pain relief, considering that I work 8 hours/day at the computer.

You can find monitor stands everywhere, especially on amazon:

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When you sit, make sure that your feet are flat on the ground otherwise it becomes natural to curve your back, and that's not good.

Use some lumbar supports or a footrest if you need to adjust to be more comfortable.

Choose a Mattress with Back Support

A good mattress should provide support for the natural curves and alignment of the spine to give you some back muscle pain relief.

The right amount of back support also helps to prevent muscle aches in the morning.

Find a balance between support and comfort: comfort while you sleep is important, but sleep on a mattress that is too hard can cause pain on pressure points.

Remember that if the mattress is visibly deformed or if it's not comfortable anymore, it is probably time to purchase a new one.

Need a new mattress? Check out these!


Exercise to Stretch and Warm Up Back Muscles

There are some stretches and some exercises that work really well for back muscle pain relief.

Let me describe some for you:

  1. Lie on your back on the floor. Bring your knees to your chest as much as possible with the help of your arms. Hold for 20 seconds. Relax for a few seconds and repeat the exercise
  2. Lie on your back on the floor. Bring the right knee to your chest, leaving the left leg stretched out on the floor. Repeat the exercise with the other leg
  3. Kneel on the floor with your glutes resting on your heels. While exhaling slide forward outstretching your arms and keep your hips still. Inhale while you slowly return to the starting position
  4. In the supine position, lift your hips from the floor. Then lower your hips so that your lower back touches the floor again


Back Muscle Pain Relief Exercise 1


Back Muscle Pain Relief Exercise 2


Back Muscle Pain Relief Exercise 3


Back Muscle Pain Relief Exercise 4


As we just learned, there are several things that you can do to have some back muscle pain relief, that go from changing your lifestyle to doing some targeted stretches and exercises.

Should the back muscle pain relief methods fail, request a postural exam.

The postural examination takes place in three steps that consist in observing the subject from behind, frontally and from the side to study the alignment of the body and the eventual scoliosis.

Postural examination then continues with a series of dynamic tests:

  • Study of the patient's walk (steps)
  • Study of static and dynamic balance
  • Study of joint range in major joints

Always contact an experienced physician for a thorough postural examination!


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