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Early Morning Coffee? No, Thanks!

This article is written with the purpose of debunking the myth that early morning coffee is a good idea to keep us awake. It's actually the worst time of the and find out why!

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Pilates Leg Workout

No day on the planet is to be feared more than the day after leg day. That is until you experience the day after a Pilates Leg Workout. Pilates offers a unique blend of isometric holds and eccentric movements that will get your muscles working in ways that you never thought possible. If you are…
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Sun and Heat Stroke Symptoms

It's summer time, July and August are the hottest months of the year, so I thought it would be nice to remind what sun and heat stroke symptoms are, so that you can all recognize them and take actions.

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How to Lose Weight and Keep it Off!

One of the biggest challenges for people on diet is how to lose weight and keep it off, because we know it too well: if losing weight is hard, to keep in shape afterwards is even more difficult.

Gaining back all the lost pounds could be due to an altered nerve stimulus: this is the suggestive hypothesis that Australian researchers have so far tested in laboratory mice. [...]

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Pilates Ab Workout

Pilates is renowned for the amazing results that people achieve when they commit to a strict Pilates regimen. The combination of isometric holds and quick contractions completed in a Pilates movement gives your body a run for its money.   If you are looking to finally gain that 6-pack-abs or strengthen your core like no…
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Beginner Pilates Workout

If you are new to exercise, you may want to consider Pilates as a good place to start. Pilates began in 1920 by Joseph Pilates for physical rehabilitation purposes. Some of the first people that used Pilates workouts were those returning from war, and those rehabbing injuries. Beginner Pilates workouts may look a bit different…
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How to Get Stronger Forearms

Stronger forearms are the key to getting bigger gains and lifting heavy weights. If you experience problems with your grip strength, wrists, or have smaller wrists and forearms, you really need to focus some time and attention on building your forearm strength. How To Build Stronger Forearms There are a several things that you can…
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Best Time to Take BCAAs and Dosage, Do You Do It Right?

Let's face it. No one is hitting the gym, lifting heavy weights in the hopes that they look exactly like they did five months before.  If you're already taking BCAAs, you should see high performance as you incorporate them into your daily supplement routine. That being said, have you ever wondered what is the best…
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What is HIIT? Would It Be Good for Me?

Every week there is a new buzzword in the fitness community. A new workout that will revolutionize what you're doing and your results. Nowadays it seems like the big talk around gyms is HIIT. Well, what is HIIT? HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training. Before you think you got it, there are a few things…
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