Burn Fat While You Sleep with Afterburn Effect

Afterburn effect...when I say this word I see everybody's ears turning on instantly.

I think it's a cool word that someone invented to make it sound more interesting and appealing, because maybe if I wanted to explain the same principle with "normal" words I wouldn't catch your attention.

Afterburn effect basically means raising your metabolism to burn fat faster throughout the day

through a specific training program that makes you burn more calories even after your workout, for up to the next 24 hours, even while you sleep.

Afterburn EffectHow to Raise Your Metabolism with the Afterburn Effect

If you go to the gym and do isolation exercises like bicep curls, cable flys, leg extensions you're not going to raise your metabolism.

If you work out like that you burn fat while you exercise but then this process stops.

The real way to raise your metabolism is by doing high intensity workouts and the right exercises.

Your workout routine should include compound exercises, those that work more than one muscle group at the same time.

Examples of compound exercises are:

  • Bench Press (chest, shoulders and triceps)
  • Squat (quads, hamstrings, core)
  • Deadlifts (quads, hamstrings, back)

and several others.

Click here to read more about compound exercises

The idea is to do high intensity interval training (known as HIIT) so that kick our EPOC (Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumpion).

You basically want to create an oxygen deficit in your body while you work out to require your body to need more oxygen after you're done.

This will raise your metabolism for up to 24 hours!!

That's why we say that the after burn effect is a way to burn fat while you sleep.

If you do resistance training like lots of cardio, or high reps weight lifting you burn calories while you train, but not after.

The best way to burn fat after workout is to do high intensity training, which is lifting heavy weights and doing sprints rather than jogging.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mvpbfDCYjag&w=580&h=326]

Should I Eat After Workout?

That depends on your goal.

If you're trying to build muscle mass and have big gains, then after workout you should have your biggest meal of the day, especially protein.

Studies revealed that consuming protein half hour after workout is better than waiting one hour.

But hey, here we're trying to lose fat so, assuming you ate your recommended daily amount of carbs and protein already, after workout it's important NOT to eat for something like 2 to 4 hours.

That way you allow your body to burn those extra calories after workout instead of providing fuel in form of food (calories).

And of course you're burning fat, you just finished a workout lifting weights, your body knows that you need that muscle and it will preserve it for a while (at least a few hours).

Take advantage of those few hours of fat burning, and lose weight by doing exactly nothing.

This is what is called afterburn effect: raising your metabolism and burn fat even when you rest or sleep.


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