7 Ways to Increase Testosterone Naturally

Many recently asked me how to increase testosterone naturally before starting a testosterone replacement therapy.

Some Symptoms of High and Low T

Do you know why 20 years old guys feel omnipotent?

Do you know why old people generally look apathetic and dull?

Do you know why some men are always ready for battle and desire it in every fiber, while others are fine sitting on a bench looking at the flowers of the fields...?

Do you know why sometimes you have high libido and steel erections?

Do you know why some gain muscle mass very quickly while others, even after years of gym, are more similar to a bank clerk than to a bodybuilder?

Ok...I could go on...but it's not the case...the answer is: TESTOSTERONE!

The hormone that makes a man...a man!

Here's How to Naturally Increase Testosterone in 7 Steps

  1. Take in sufficient overall calories: if you eat too little the body does not consider reproduction more important than survival, and reduces the hormones production.
  2. Eat saturated fat without too much fear, it's not the devil, and it provides the sub-layer for the production of testosterone: whole eggs are excellent!
  3. Avoid too much mental and physical stress as cortisol (the stress hormone) would become too high and compete against testosterone receptors
  4. Have orgasms...it stimulates the testicles to increase testosterone production in the system with a mechanism of action-reaction. On the other hand a prolonged abstinence tends to lower testosterone levels. It's not my job here to tell you how but...just get excited.
  5. Having purposes, being active, keeping the situation under control "like a boss" are mental situations that stimulate and increase testosterone, while situations of helplessness, issues beyond our control and depression tend to favor low t (but these factors are more difficult to control)
  6. The regular use of certain supplements stimulates the production of testosterone and maintains high levels even in case of strong stress. The best are: Tribulus terrestris, Peruvian maca, zinc chelate, arginine (in an indirect way through nitric oxide), whey protein, tyrosine It must be said that in very young people these supplements are not very effective, while in adult men and the elderly are very effective. Read more about testosterone boosters
  7. Work out regularly: physical activity, especially weight lifting, stimulates the system to produce testosterone

It's never to late to increase testosterone and hopefully now that you know how...make every effort to keep it within normal levels!

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2 Responses

  1. Avatar Musclebeast
    I can personally attest to the effects of stress, getting older, bad eating, abstinence and lethargy during two phases of life - youth (16-35), middle age (35-55). It's all a horrible downwards spiral! In particular, even during the years I was very, very active in sport and gym, bad diet really prevented the sort of physique I'd worked for developing. I don't want to prattle on, but all of your points are very, very valid and I hope people use them as such.
  2. Avatar James
    Interesting post. When you get to a certain age you do need to work on things the young bucks take for granted. I recently did a similar post myself, it is shocking how basic and old school the tips where.