6 pack abs...I heard one time that a bodybuilder is not a real bodybuilder if he can't exhibit it.

I don't know if I agree with that, but certainly a 6 pack adds can make a difference between a physique and a...nice physique!

Be prepared, I hope you are very persistent because there is lots to do in order to have the famous six pack abs replace a flat belly and look like this.

6 pack abs

With specific exercises we can all build 6 pack abs. But the key is to remove the fat layer on top of it!

You wanna be that guy that when they tell him "Hey come on, lift that t-shirt and show me if you have a 6 pack" can lift that freaking shirt and exhibit an awesome turtle shell (that's how it's called too in some places) printed on your belly!

Having 6 pack abs is the final step of every bodybuilder, it's like the cherry on the pie.

Guys want a six pack for a bunch of reasons:

  • Personal challenge
  • Feel good about themselves (look good)
  • Look better than the others
  • Attract girls

Only problem? Only a very...very small percentage of people can exhibit six pack abs. One great example is Sylvester Stallone 6 pack abs. At his age he is extraordinary!

How Do I Get a 6 Pack?

There are several factors that affects how ripped you are or could be:

  • Metabolism (different from person to person)
  • Being predisposed/Genetics
  • Diet
  • Exercise


Some people, unfortunately, have a very slow metabolism and that makes it much more difficult for them to get ripped abs.

The calories that they eat take a long time to be burned. For others instead, this is not a problems as they have the opposite problem: a too fast metabolism makes it hard for them to gain weight.

Being Predisposed/Genetics

Some other people are just predisposed, or have a natural faster metabolism that allows them to get a 6 pack without too much effort.


Your diet is the most important factor that might prevent you from having ripped abs.

Of course you have to say goodbye to junk food (no more fast foods from today!), and then balance the amount of carbohydrates, proteins and fats (read how to find the best Six Pack Abs Diet for your body type)

Especially reduce or eliminate saturated fats (commonly called bad fats).

As a general rule, keep in mind that it's better to consume smaller meals and more frequently rather than having big meals and no snacks in between.

Drinking plenty of water is another important requirement to get a 6 pack.


Last but not least comes the exercise routine that you normally (do you?) follow.

First of all you have to do ab exercises in order to build that muscle that eventually will have to be "revealed".

Then you have to get rid of the belly fat that covers it all. You can do one thousand crunches a day, but it you don't get rid of the belly fat you will just end up looking like a bull.

A guy with a big hard and thick belly...buy hey...it doesn't look great does it?

Many suggest to do hours of cardio a week to burn as much fat as possible...I don't know if I agree with that.

Remember this, doing lots of cardio will make you burn fat, but the down side is that you inevitably burn muscle too. See how to burn fat without burning muscle.

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