Best Bowflex Routines – The Famous 20 Minute Workout

After building my Bowflex Blaze there was something that caught my attention: the 20 minute workout program that it came with and that is attached to the lat station.

That was something that I had never heard, what is a 20 minute workout and what is its purpose?

Bowflex Blaze 20 minute workout

What follow is base on the Bowflex Blaze 20 minute workout

Apparently it's a famous workout program that is supposed to strengthen each and every muscle group, with a 3 day split workout routine that includes a total of 10 exercises.

Which Exercises Are in the 20 Min Workout?

There are 10 exercises that you have to do to follow this program:

  1. Bench Press
  2. Resisted Abdominal Crunch
  3. Seated Shoulder Press
  4. Seated Trunk Rotation
  5. Standing Bicep Curls
  6. Seated Lat Row
  7. Lat Pulldown
  8. Tricep Pushdown
  9. Leg Press
  10. Leg Extension

The 20 Minute Workout

Here I wanna give you a graphical idea of the 10 bowflex exercises that I just listed above:

Bench Press

bench press
Resisted Abdominal Crunch

Bowflex Exercises - Resisted Ab Crunch
Seated Shoulder Press

Bowflex Exercises - Shoulder Press
Seated Trunk Rotation

Bowflex Exercises - Trunk Rotation
Standing Bicep Curls

Bowflex Exercises - Standing Bicep Curls
Seated Lat Row

Bowflex Exercises - Seated Lat Row
Lat Pulldown

Bowflex Exercises - Seated Lat Pulldown
Tricep Pushdown

Bowflex Exercises - Tricep Pushdown
Leg Press

Bowflex Exercises - Leg Press
Leg Extension

Bowflex Exercises - Leg Extension

What Are the Frequency and Intensity of the 20 Min Workout?

It's important that you do exactly what suggested to take advantage of the 20 min workout.

You should perform 1 set of 12-15 reps for each exercise in the program, 3 times a week. Of course the best idea is to do 1 day on and 1 day off.

Each session should never take you more than 30 minutes, and you should rest 45-60 seconds between each exercise.

Do slow movements, ideally 4 seconds for the active phase and 4 seconds for the negative phase. This means that you have to control the negative phase probably more than you usually do.

By following the 20 min workout program you are expected to see noticeable results within 6-8 weeks in terms of muscle gains and fat loss.


Let's write down a summary of the Bowflex 20 min workout routine:

  • There is only one group of 10 exercises that you repeat each time (see above)
  • You perform 1 set of 12-15 reps per exercise
  • Rest 45-60 seconds between each set (exercise)
  • You train 3 times a week and the exercises are the same each time
  • Any session should never take more than 30 minutes


To maximize your results you're expected to follow a healthy diet too. You can't see improvements if you compensate the calories that you burn during your workouts with bigger meals.


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12 Responses

  1. Avatar charles meyer
    on the leg press the picture shows the handles like behind his back or something where do they go? im just confused on how hes holding them and holding the seat
    • Cristian Cristian
      There are no handles in the bowflex blaze. The seat slides and you just grab the seat.
    • Avatar Kevin Kerns
      It's a belt that connects to the cables, and goes around your lower back. As the legs are extended, the cables flex the weight rods.
  2. Avatar charles
    im 15 years old and my name is Charles see my brother and my father and rest of the guys in my whole family have always been big like they worked out a lot and now I want to I wrote down your 10 step workout on the bow flex and I feel like I should do 2 rounds on each transition should I only do one set?
    • Cristian Cristian
      It depends. If you wanna do the "20 min bowflex workout" program, it's only 1 set per exercise. If you do 2 sets it's still ok, but it should be called the "40 min bowflex workout"! :)
  3. Avatar w
    How much weight? Just what you can handle without hurting your self/overworking?
  4. Avatar whocares
    You're wrong Christian. For the leg press there is an attachment that goes around the lower back and attaches on the left and right side where the handles usually pull the weight bars.
    • Cristian Cristian
      Sorry where am I wrong, what did I say instead?
  5. Avatar Chris
    I'm just curious if anyone knows how many calories this burns?
  6. Avatar Bryce
    Cristian, how much weight should we use starting out? And should we increase over time or is the weight not important? The pictures seem to show 50 lb resistance on the exercises.
    • Cristian Cristian
      The weight totally depends on you. Use a weight that allows you to do that number of reps. If you can easily do more reps, then you need more weight. Of course the goal is to always increase the resistance over time.
  7. Avatar Blanca Guevara
    Hi Cristian When do you post an article about the difference between citrulline malate, l- citrulline, and beta alanine?? I would like to know about these products. Thanks for your answer.